How to Invite Friends to Party in PUBG Battlegrounds | Crossplay Tutorial

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PUBG Battlegrounds is now free! And with it, you can now invite your friends for a round of Battle Royale no matter which platform they are on. This guide will show you how you can invite your friends to a party.

How to Invite Friends to Party — PUBG Battlegrounds

Launch your game and select the Play tab at the upper corner of the screen. You will see an option for Normal, Ranked, Arcade, Training, and Custom setting underneath the Play option.

Once you select the game mode you want to play in, go to the bottom-right menu.

Here, you will see an option to bring up your Social menu.  Select the menu or press your touchpad to bring up the Social menu.

Once you are on the social menu, you can invite any friend who is currently online to your party. You can do this by pressing the square button or X button and selecting Invite to Party.

You can also select the other tab which consists of your friends on the specific platform you are playing on. Just like the PUBG tab, you can also invite any online friends you have by pressing X or Square and inviting them to your party.

In the social menu, you can accept friend requests in the Friend Requests tab. You will also find the players you recently played within the Recent Players tab.

If you would like to search for party members to team up with, you can use the Team Finder option in the Social menu.  There is also a search button on the upper right corner if you want to specifically search a player’s name.

Keep in mind that while PlayStation and Xbox players can play together, crossplay is not available for PC and console players.

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