Dystovia: Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Every game looks difficult when you first begin playing, and Dystovia is no different. This Roblox game offers a lot of things to the players, and learning every feature in the game might take you a lot of time and research. But that is why we are here for. In this Dystovia: Complete Beginner’s Guide, we are going to teach you everything you need to know to play Dystovia at the highest level in no time.

Take a look at the table of contents below to navigate through the guide easier.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

There are a lot of features that might seem confusing to you when you first start Dystovia. Having a plan of action can prevent you from spending a lot of time trying to figure everything out.

Let’s look at all the information you need to know right away to quickly become familiar with the game.

Town Layout

The first thing you should learn in Dystovia is the locations on the map. You can take a look at the picture below, and we will explain everything as well.

Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Waypoints: The waypoints are the locations that you need to interact with to make them visible on your map. They can save you from running everywhere, so you should make sure to unlock each one of them if you want to save yourself from trouble most of the time. They are represented by the black diamond symbols on the map.
  • Crypts: The Crypts are the areas that you can go to fight with bosses and enemies to farm some XP for yourself to level up in the game. They are the skull symbols on the map.
  • Obelisks: There are five Obelisks you will need to find for a certain quest. These are red, orange, blue, purple, and green obelisks. They appear on the map as circles of the same color as their names.
  • Quests: Quests are shown as question marks on the map.

Black Castle

You will see the Black Castle on the left side of the map. That location is where you will get most of your weapons, store your items, and do other things that we are going to explain in a minute. You can quickly teleport to that area by pressing the ‘K‘ button on your keyboard.

Now that you know how to go to Black Castle quickly, let’s take a look at each important thing that is waiting for you there.

  • Sell & Purchase Items: There is an NPC called Lovyel that you can interact with to sell your items and purchase goods. You can make money by selling him your goods and by purchasing Health Potions from him, which will be very helpful to you when you are in a battle with the bosses.
Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Sell, Purchase & Infuse Weapons: Another important NPC you will find at the Black Castle is Garreth, the blacksmith. Obviously, you can purchase new and stronger weapons for yourself there, sell them, or infuse them with other powerful items to make them even stronger.
Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Purchase Armor: Behind the NPC Garreth, there is a small hidden entrance that you can use to get inside the smithery. If you get inside and climb all the way up, you will find another NPC named Tabold. You can interact with him to purchase and sell armor.
Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide
  • Store Items: You will lose all of your possessions if you die while battling difficult bosses. To avoid this, you can store your items at the Town Hall. Leaving your gold or the items you are not going to use in the battle will secure them for you, and you will be able to get them back whenever you want.
Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide

Skills & Talent Points

As your first enemy in the game, you can go to the Great Pine Forest and fight wolves or deers there. These enemies are pretty easy to defeat and will help you get some skill and talent points.

You can use your points in the Mastery tab. You can spend them however you like. But, you will need to get some weapons like greatswords, dual wield, and shield to be able to unlock some talents.

Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide

Every Mob Location

There are seven mobs in the game that you will have to defeat for some special drops. These are Ogre and Ogre Boss, Goblin Spider, Lurker and Lurker Boss, and Minotaur.

Check out the image below to discover where each of them is located.

Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide


As mentioned earlier, crypts are the skulls on the map. You can go there to fight with enemies and farm some XP.

Once you approach the entrance of a Crypt, you will have to chance to invite other players to play with you. After getting inside, you will wait for a short period for the cooldown to be over.

Depending on your armor, the enemies in the Crypt will deal more damage to you. Thus, it might be a good idea to bring some health potions with you and avoid attacks.

As you progress in the game and move from one room to another, you will see that each room contains a chest for you to loot. There is also a chest in the boss room that you will arrive at the end. You won’t have to beat the boss to open the chest, but beating it will give you a good amount of XP and an exit from the Crypt.

Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide


The scrolls are important items that you will get from looting the chests at the crypts. You can use them to infuse your weapons and make them even stronger.

Level 1 Crypts give you Cryptic Scrolls to upgrade your weapons and Sacred Scrolls to add them an ability.

Level 2 Crypts give you Demonic Scrolls and God Scrolls that change the effect of your sword.

Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide


There is a witch who sells necklaces in the swamp, close to the waypoint. You can get various necklaces from her that enhance a specific stat of your character.

Dystovia: Complete Beginner's Guide

That is it for our Dystovia: Complete Beginner’s Guide. Now you have all the information to get started in the game as a new player, and we believe that you will become a professional in no time.

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