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All The Serpent’s Heart Key Sigil Seal Locks – Genshin Impact

Unlock the seals at the heart of the serpent!

Once you collect enough Key Sigils around Enkanomiya Island (such as those found in Dainichi Mikoshi and the Evernight Temple), it is time to put them to good use. Scattered around the Enkanomiya Island are Seal Locks that require Key Sigils. Unlocking all of them can give you chests and some are required for certain World Quests.

Serpent’s Heart Seal Lock Locations — Genshin Impact

The Serpent’s Heart island is the southern island in the Enkanomiya region. Below are all the Seal Lock locations in the Serpent’s heart island:

  • The first series of seal locks are located on the southernmost islet of the Serpent’s Heart. It is right next to the teleport waypoint.
  • Use the southwestern teleport waypoint on the island and glide to your right to get to the next set of seals.
  • From the last area, head north until you get to a cliff. Glide down and you will see the seals next to a tree.
  • Use the central teleport waypoint and go east. The seals are engraved on the mountain cliff, near the edge.
  • Go to the northwestern teleport waypoint of the island and head south. You will see a series of statues and a closed gate. Glide down that cliff and you will see the seal at the bottom.
  • The next seal is next to the central teleport waypoint of the Serpent’s Heart Island. You need to unlock the seals in Evernight and Whitenight mode.
  • Go to the northwestern teleport and glide down the cliff into the underground ruins during Evernight. The seals are engraved on a wall.

And those are all the locations. Keep in mind that you need Key Sigils to unlock all these Seal Locks!

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