Black Clover M: Complete Captain Charlotte Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

What is the best way to use this red debuffer unit?

Black Clover M has an extensive and diverse cast of characters that you can pull for, and each of them has a distinct role that defines what they’re good at and who they synergize with.

Among the characters that you can collect is Charlotte Roselei, and in this guide, we’ll be taking a quick look at her abilities and how you can best build her for all sorts of activities.

Complete Captain Charlotte Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

Charlotte is a red debuffer who performs particularly well against bosses due to the status effects that she can apply. Her entire kit is as follows:

  • Thornvine Whip – Hits a single target with a whip that deals 30% more damage if an enemy has a Mark on them.
  • Thorn Garden – Charlotte strikes all enemies and inflicts them with reduced defense for multiple turns. This also has a 50% chance of applying a Mark.
  • Corpse-Hunting Briar Trees – Hits all enemies with vines and inflicts them with reduced attack for multiple turns. This also has a chance to inflict Bleed.
  • Combined Attack – In addition to dealing damage, this also incapacitates the target for a single turn, increasing the amount of damage they take by a lot.
  • United Attack – When paired with Sol Marron, this move deals 30% more damage on any marked enemy.
  • Enhanced Passive – She gains bonus damage if at least one enemy has a Mark. Enhancing her is not recommended, as she isn’t really a damage dealer anyway.
  • Unique Passive – Enemies that become marked will also receive a 20% reduced defense debuff.
Black Clover M charlotte gameplay

Skill Page & Equipment Sets

The best skill page for Charlotte is her signatureone, which is Rose’s Thorn. It upgrades Thorn Garden’s defense debuff and grants the passive chance of inflicting Reduced CRIT RES on an enemy when attacking.

Alternatives that you could try out include Blooming Talent, which adds a chance to inflict a defense reduction debuff on an enemy upon using a special skill.

Cunning Commander could also be useful as its passive will allow you to reduce an enemy’s speed when attacking them, though with a significantly low chance of doing so.

Finally, Royal’s Duty could also be useful, though this will require Charlotte to be hit in order to actually be beneficial.

Black Clover M rose's thorn skill page

As a debuffer, there are no stats to really prioritize here. Instead, you should try to get the following set pieces:

  • Full Traveler’s Essentials Set – This will grant a lot of speed buffs to her at the start of combat and whenever she is affected by a status effect.
  • Two pieces of Secret of the Deep Sea – This will further enhance her bonus speed at the start of combat/every wave.

With these items, you basically guarantee that she goes before almost every attacker in the game, which is how you want it to be if you want to maximize the amount of damage you can do.

Black Clover M charlotte gear

Talent Trees

For Charlotte’s attack talents, simply opt for Increased ATK and Sharp Mind just to add a slight kick to her attacks.

Under the defense tree, the essentials are Increased DEF and Endurance. As for the support nodes, just choose Mage’s Blessing and Increased DMG RES.

Black Clover M mage's blessing talent

Potential Team Setups

Despite having a potential United Attack, the character she pairs with is not particularly good. With that said, for PVE content, you can easily slot her into a full red team consisting of the following characters:

  • Charlotte – The sole debuffer of the squad.
  • AstaThe team’s main damage dealer, and he enables Charlotte’s combined attack.
  • Sally – Will be providing buffs to boost Asta’s damage.
  • Finral – Pretty much plays the same role as Sally.

For PVP game modes, she is not really an ideal choice, though you can still reliably win fights with the following setup:

  • Valtos – Provides speed buffs to the whole team
  • Charlotte – Does her usual debuffs.
  • JuliusSolid damage dealer in general, especially in the current meta.
  • Asta – Fairly viable DPS option.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M charlotte pvp team

And that is pretty much how you can build and use Charlotte in Black Clover M. There are more characters coming in the future, including different versions of Charlotte, so keep an eye out for new updates!

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