Anime Champions Simulator: Complete Update 12 Guide (Runes, Dungeon Changes, and More)

The game’s back, and it’s better than ever!

Anime Champions Simulator fans have been waiting for a new update for quite some time now, and the developers have finally returned with some fresh content. In this article, we will be quickly going through the additions in Update 12!

Complete Update 12 Guide (Runes, Dungeon Changes, and More)

Before we go through the changes, there is a new code that you can use for free rewards. Just input “Update12” to receive the following stuff:

  • Cosmic Summon
  • One of each boost
  • 500 Skin Scraps
  • 100 Rune Dust
  • 1 Raid Key
  • 5,000 Diamonds
Anime Champions Simulator season pass showcasing some of the possible rewards

Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

Many quality of life updates and some buffs were made in this update. Some of the more notable changes include:

  • Raid cooldown has been lowered to 1 minute
  • Medal capacity raised to 25,000
  • Black Hole and Celestial stat bonuses have been increased.
  • Cosmic capsule chance is now 70%/15%/15%

In addition to these, there should be less chances of dungeons crashing servers. Various currencies will also show up now whenever applicable while selling or scrapping stuff.

Dungeon floors have also been given more rooms, and the distance between them has been reduced. This will make them somewhat easier to navigate without wasting too much time walking.

Anime Champions Simulator player clearing the first floor of the dungeon minigame

New Stuff

A new quick called Blessed was also added to the game, and it provides the following bonuses:

  • 25% Luck
  • 25% Coins
  • 12% Drops
  • 250% Base Damage
  • 120% Attack Speed
  • 250% Movement Speed

Along with that is a season pass and more dungeon floors. If you are still in earlier levels, check out our Anime Champions Simulator dungeon guide for more info!

A new world called Portal City has been added to the game, which also means more characters to pull and quests to complete! With that, the level cap has been raised to 170.

Anime Champions Simulator player running through the new map


The most notable new feature in the latest update of the game are Runes. These provide all sorts of different buffs to a champion’s stats on top of other bonuses they already have.

These can be acquired from Dungeons and can be upgraded for further power boosts. If you want to learn more about this feature, we have a dedicated guide about Runes in Anime Champions Simulator.

Anime Champions Simulator inventory showcasing some of the new runes in the game

Those are all of the notable new additions and other changes in the latest update of the game. Check out our guide on the best punch builds in Anime Champions Simulator to start grinding up dungeons for the new runes!


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