Anime Champions Simulator: Update 10.1 New Years Update Guide | All Quest & Titan Trials

New Year, new content.

Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game that allows you to have different characters from different popular anime franchises as your fighters. Right now, like most games after the New Year, the game has received a new update that adds more content into the game.

Not only that, but it is also making changes to already existing things in the game to give everyone a better experience.

But what are these new additions to the game? And what are these new quests and Titan Trials? In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about the 10.1 New Year update.

Update 10.1 New Years Update Guide

To start, let’s talk about the notable changes to the game thanks to the New Years update. The update log in the game will offer more information for what happens, but we’ll talk about the ones that actually affect how the game is played (meaning bugfixes won’t be discussed).

But if you want to learn more about what’s changed and what’s new, you can check out the official Update Log that the devs have posted.

Official Update Log from the devs in Anime Champions Simulator.

Last Holiday Gift

Right now, you can open the last Holiday Gift. If you haven’t done so yet, hurry up and grab the last Holiday Gift from the event area. The gift is a Cosmic Holiday Summon. It is guaranteed you will be able to get a unit from opening this gift.

Once you have the gift, simply go back to the main lobby and head to the Cosmic summon area. There, you will be able to get one Cosmic character.

The unit you will receive might differ, as there are different Cosmic units available right now.

Opening the last Holiday Gift in Anime Champions Simulator.

Level Cap Increased to Level 160

The next new change in the game is the level cap being increased to level 160. That means that it’s time to grind your characters back to max level if you haven’t done it yet.

Of course, this is for the new quests that were added into the game with the update 10.1. These new quests are going to be hard to complete, as the level requirement will be the new level cap.

Leveling up Champions until they hit level 160 in Anime Champions Simulator.

Cold Feet In Winter Quest

The update made some changes to the game that increases the fun factor, but it also added a couple of new things to play. The first is the quest called Cold Feet In Winter.

This quest can be found by talking to Jolly Kurojiro in the event area. When you accept the quest, your objective will show that you need to complete the Holiday Raid 10 times.

Accepting the quest from Jolly Kurojiro in Anime Champions Simulator.

The Holiday Raid isn’t too hard to complete. In fact, if you leveled up your units to level 160, it’s practically a breeze. You can complete a raid within 5 minutes, which isn’t too bad.

But you have to remember that you need to do this raid 10 times. Make sure to bring your best team for this one to make it easier.

Completing the Holiday Raid for the first time in Anime Champions Simulator.

Once you beat the Holiday Raid 10 times, you have pretty much completed the quest. Go back to Jolly Kurojiro and he will give you a new item called Christmas Spear of Conquest.

It’s not a bad reward, it gives you +24% Boss DMG. Still a good reward, but it might be something you’ll just forget you have due to the endgame having better rewards.

Reward for completing the Cold Feet in Winter quest in Anime Champions Simulator.

Titan Trials

The last new noteworthy addition to the game is the new batch of Titan Trials. This is a new raid that is essentially the most difficulty mode of a raid.

You can play through this solo if you are confident enough, but it is recommended to group up if you are doing a first run through the raid.

The only differences between the normal raid and the Titan Trials version of the raid is that everything is so much bigger than it was. The map and enemies all tower over you and your team, and they deal a ton of damage that can give you quite the scare if you are not super prepared.

Demon Forest Titan Trial in Anime Champions Simulator.

Once you beat a Titan Trial, you will be able to redeem some upgrades from the Upgrades menu. For example, completing the Demon Forest Titan Trial will give you a Jumps +1 upgrade.

Other Titan Trials will give you different rewards, so make sure to try and complete these when you are sure that your team can handle the difficulty.

Titan Trial upgrade in Anime Champions Simulator.

There has also been an addition of shrines, and new quests in SAO Update 11! For more details, make sure to check out our guide for that as well.

That’s all you need to know about the New Year 10.1 update for Anime Champions Simulator. Did this guide help you understand what’s new and what’s changed in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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