Anime Crossover Defense: How To Get Overpowered & Best Artifacts Guide

None shall pass, if you get strong enough!

Anime Crossover Defense is a challenging tower defense game for Roblox, and it’ll be important to get overpowered and get the best Artifacts if you want to complete all it has to offer.

This unique game features a variety of characters based on anime and manga franchises, all working together to stand off against hordes of enemies. It even has Steve from Minecraft!

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best Artifacts and how to get overpowered quickly.

How To Get Overpowered & Best Artifacts Guide

Best Artifacts in the Game

Anime Crossover Defense: How To Get Overpowered & Best Artifacts Guide

Before we get over how to get overpowered, we should take a look at what the best Artifacts in the game are. The best of the best, as of this writing, are as follows:

  • Dragon Radar – Allows you to find Dragon Spheres after every second wave. Collect 7 Dragon Spheres to be able to make a wish, giving you buffs of your choosing.
  • Eternal Eye – Makes your units sometimes misdirect enemies, forcing them to take the wrong path. Also applies Black Flames that deal a percentage of your units’ damage as extra damage.
  • Philosopher’s Stone – Buffs an allied unit’s damage whenever they kill an enemy unit. This damage buff is permanent and can stack.
  • Uta Uta – Makes buffs last longer and also buffs units that are close to each other.
  • Vampire Mask – Summons an allied zombie periodically and also applies Bleed (Damage Over Time) to enemy units. This Bleed can stack with other sources of Bleed, as well!

If you want to truly get overpowered, you should focus on upgrading these Artifacts to be the best they can be. Of course, there are other good Artifacts, but these are the best ones currently.

Keep these Artifacts in as you grind Artifact Rifts, which we’ll cover in a moment.

Artifact Rifts are the best way to get overpowered and also your main source of Artifacts. Two birds with one stone and all that!

How to Get Overpowered – Artifact Rifts and Upgrading

Artifact Rift location

Now that you know what Artifacts to look out for, it’s time to start diving into the Artifact Rifts and upgrading the Artifacts themselves.

Artifact Rifts are procedurally generated stages that you can challenge from the “Rifts” building in the main hub.

Artifact Rift menu

If you spend Rift Orbs and Legendary Rift Orbs before starting the Artifact Rifts, you’ll be guaranteed to obtain random Artifacts once you complete the stage.

Rift Orb rewards

You can get regular and Legendary Rift Orbs by completing Story stages. They’re guaranteed rewards for first-time clears, but can also be obtained as random drops from bosses.

The Artifact Rift stages themselves seem to always have the same layouts, but the enemies you face vary. 

Rift Affixes

Additionally, there are “Rift Affixes” applied at random, which can give you negative and positive effects for each Artifact Rift run.

Rift Level completed

Either way, complete a run and you’ll get various random Artifacts. Keep an eye out for the best ones we mentioned above!

Now that you have some Artifacts, it’s time to start upgrading them. This is what will truly make you overpowered!

How to Upgrade Artifacts

Upgrade Artifacts | Anime Crossover Defense: How To Get Overpowered & Best Artifacts Guide

Upgrading Artifacts is quite simple, too. Just head over to the Artifact Upgrade NPC in the Artifact Shop. It’s next to the Artifact Rift, so it’s hard to miss.

Upgrading the Eternal Eye

Just select the Artifact you wish to upgrade and then add enough “Artifact Essence” to reach the next rank.

Artifact Essence primarily comes from other Artifacts, so it’s a great use for duplicates. The number under each Artifact tells you how much Essence it will give when used as an upgrade material.

Artifact Essence for ranking up

The higher an Artifact’s rank is, the stronger its effects will be. It really adds up as you keep increasing their ranks!

Higher rarity Artifacts will also have better effects, so you should focus on upgrading them over lower rarity ones.

However, Mythic and Legendary Artifacts seem to be bugged currently and have the same effects as Epic (Purple) rarities. Keep that in mind for now, but we hope this is patched soon.

How to Get Overpowered – Powering Up Units

Feeding units

If you already have the best Artifacts you can get in Anime Crossover Defense, or you are having a tough time clearing the Artifact Rifts, there are still other ways to get stronger.

The first one is to simply level up your individual units.

The fastest way to do this is by opening up the inventory and selecting to “Feed” the unit you want to level up.

Feeding units

Then, select any materials or other units you want to consume. They will be lost permanently, but they will give experience to the unit you’re feeding!

You can get Feeding materials by clearing stages and units by summoning them from the in-game gacha system.

Unit Power Levels

Speaking of summoning, your player level at the time of summoning a unit will affect their innate Power stat.

The higher their Power is, the better their other stats will be.

Power Transfer location

If you have a unit you summoned while your player level was low, their Power will always be low. This makes them inherently worse than newer summons!

Thankfully, you can work around this by using the Power Transfer station in the Summon building. 

Using the Power Transfer station

Use it to transfer the higher Power stat of newer units to older units you have already leveled up. It’s much more cost-efficient than leveling up the newer unit!

However, you can only use Power Transfer when you have duplicates of the unit you want to strengthen.

Ranking Up and Ascension

Unit Rank Up Location | Anime Crossover Defense: How To Get Overpowered & Best Artifacts Guide

Another method you can use is the Unit Rank Up station at the Laboratory.

This simple station allows you to instantly boost a unit’s stats by consuming upgrade materials.

Checking material locations

You can hover your mouse over the upgrade materials to see where to find them easily, too!

Unit Ascension NPC

Lastly, on the topic of ranking up units, you can Ascend units to Mythic rarity. This vastly boosts their power, but it will require you to sacrifice two other Mythic units as well.

Still, it’s great to use it to “trade-in” unwanted Mythics for a better one.

Purple portal at the hub

You can use Unit Ascension by going through the large purple portal in the hub area. Just make sure you know who to focus on first!

Anyway, with all that done, you should have everything you need to truly become overpowered in Anime Crossover Defense. Get the best Artifacts for your bolstered units and you’ll be unstoppable.


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