Anime Crossover Defense: Who Should You Mythic Ascension First?

Don’t waste your Mythic units!

You should be careful about which units to give Mythic Ascension first in Anime Crossover Defense, as the materials for it are extremely rare.

It’s a good idea to have set priorities when using the Mythic Ascension feature. Focus on the best units first, then do it for lesser units if you can afford to. Otherwise, save your Mythics!

In this guide, we’ll tell you which units you should give top priority for Mythic Ascension.

Who Should You Mythic Ascension First?

Purple portal entrance

You can do Mythic Ascension by going through the purple portal next to the Rifts area in the hub.

Enter it and speak to the Unit Ascension NPC. They’ll let you sacrifice two of your current Mythic units to transform another unit into a Mythic.

Unit Ascension station

This might seem pointless, but it’s great for trading away unwanted Mythic units to improve other units!

Now, it’s time to go over which ones you should prioritize. You should generally follow this order when going for Mythic Ascension:

  • Boulmi – She might not seem like much in the early stages of the game, but she is amazing at generating Coins. She’s a must-have so that you can put down multiple units and upgrade them with ease!
  • Curly Brows – Sanji’s stand-in serves two great purposes: buffing and Coin generation. He’ll allow other units to deal much more damage, while also giving you a good amount of Coins for upgrades.
  • Bob – Has one of the best buffs in the game and the unique ability to duplicate the effects of his equipped Artifact. Very expensive to upgrade though, so you should pair him with Boulmi or Curly Brows.
Eric unit | Anime Crossover Defense: Who Should You Mythic Ascension First?
  • Buff Units – With the previous units done, you should look at Ascending units that primarily cast buffs, like Cat Burglar. This will allow them to also deal good damage on top of their buffs, giving them great versatility.
  • Damage Dealers – Last but not least, the lowest priority units for Mythic Ascension are your damage dealers. This is mostly reserved for exceptional damage dealers, too, like White Moustache and Joe.

Combine these top-tier units with the best Artifacts in the game and you’ll become truly overpowered. No enemies will get past your team of classic anime characters!


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