Anime Fighting Simulator X: All Training Area Locations

Time to start that grind!

Anime Fighting Simulator X Grinding Durability

Leveling your skills and placing yourself on top of the leaderboards makes you proud of all that grinding you’ve done up that point. Knowing those grinding spots is the first step in getting to that goal. And in Anime Fighting Simulator X, there are a lot of places to train. Some of these places have minimum skill point requirements, but they offer bigger and better multipliers.

In this guide, we’ll show you all the training area locations in the game for Strength, Durability, Chakra, Speed and Sword. Get ready to grind because there’s a lot of it going on in this game!

All Training Area Locations

In Anime Fighting Simulator, you’ll start with no points in any of the skills. You can increase those skills by doing certain things, like punching for strength, doing push-ups for durability, running around for speed and swinging your sword for the sword skill. Doing that can take time though, good thing most skills have training areas you can go to, so that you’ll get multipliers for the XP! Here are all the training areas in the game.


Most of the strength training areas are near the starting area. Each one of them has a minimum level of strength to actually start training there so keep that in mind. Below are all the strength training areas marked with a blue fist icon.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Strength Training Area Map Locations

These are all the Training Areas, their Minimum skill level and their multipliers:

  • Wood Logs x2 EXP — Requirements: 100 Strength
  • Gym x6 EXP — Requirements: 10,000 Strength
  • Garbage Beach x25 EXP — Requirements: 100,000 Strength
  • Boulder x50 EXP — Requirements: 1,000,000 Strength
  • Meteor x500 EXP — Requirements: 10,000,000 Strength
  • Cell Arena x1,000 EXP — Requirements: 100,000,000 Strength


The next stat that you’ll want to level up is Durability and this can be found by looking for the blue shield icons on the map. Unlike the Strength training areas, the ones for Durability are a bit scattered around the map. Make sure to have a good mount so you don’t have to run around much.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Durability Training Area Map Locations

These are all the Training Areas, their Minimum skill level and their multipliers:

  • Pirate Ship x2 EXP — Requirements: 100 Durability
  • Burning House x6 EXP — Requirements: 10,000 Durability
  • Desert Storm x25 EXP — Requirements: 100,000 Durability
  • Ice Chamber x50 EXP — Requirements: 1,000,000 Durability
  • Volcano x500 EXP — Requirements: 10,000,000 Durability
  • North King’s Planet x1,000 EXP — Requirements: 100,000,000 Durability
Anime Fighting Simulator X Ice Chamber Training Area Map Locations

The last area training area for Durability is actually in a small floating planet southwest of the starting island. You’ll need a flying mount to get there so make sure to get that if you want to maximize Durability!

Anime Fighting Simulator X North King's Planet Training Area Map Locations


If you’re leveling up your Chakra, then don’t worry. Unlike the Durability training areas most of the ones for Chakra are in the starting island. There are just a couple on the northern islands which are for the last top levels for the skill. They are marked by blue flame icons in the map.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Chakra Training Area Map Locations

These are all the Training Areas, their Minimum skill level and their multipliers:

  • Chakra Tree x2 EXP — Requirements: 100 Chakra
  • Library x6 EXP — Requirements: 10,000 Chakra
  • Waterfall x25 EXP — Requirements: 100,000 Chakra
  • Temple x50 EXP — Requirements: 1,000,000 Chakra
  • Spider Web x500 EXP — Requirements: 10,000,000 Chakra
  • Tower of Heaven x1,000 EXP — Requirements: 100,000,000 Chakra
Anime Fighting Simulator X ChakraTraining Area Map Locations 2


The last one on the list is Speed and luckily all of the training areas for speed is just on the starting area. You can find these training areas marked by the blue shoe icons on the map. Unlike the other skills this only has a couple.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Speed Training Area Map Locations

These are all the Training Areas, their Minimum skill level and their multipliers:

  • Trampoline x2 EXP — Requirements: 100 Speed
  • Gym x6 EXP — Requirements: 10,000 Speed
  • Gravity Chamber x25 EXP — Requirements: 100,000 Speed


Unlike the other skills the sword skill has no training area. Instead the multiplier comes from the sword itself. The better the sword you have the higher the multiplier when swinging it. It’s best to level up swords with speed since with macros and autoclickers you can level up both of them at the same time.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Swords And Sword Multiplier

New swords can be found in the main quest and the further you get in the main quest the better the swords. As stated earlier the better the sword the bigger the multiplier for sword grinding. So keep on winging that sword!

Those are all the skill training areas for Anime Fighting Simulator X. Now go out there and train all those skills! Go check out our guide on how to get the Devil Fruit fast if you haven’t already!

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