Anime Last Stand: How to Get Mythic Unit as Starter (Guaranteed) & Best Units to Use

Give yourself a nice boost right from the start!

Summoning for new units in Anime Last Stand can be quite a grind, and it can be pretty hard to progress if you can’t pull any rare units. In this guide, we’ll be showing you one method of getting an early advantage as a new player by pulling a Mythic unit right at the start!

How to Get Mythic Unit as Starter (Guaranteed) & Best Units to Use

To keep it short, one of the ways you can almost guarantee a mythic unit right off the bat is by claiming codes and rerolling a new account if your abundance of free pulls doesn’t drop one.

We have an updated list of codes for Anime Last Stand that you can use. We recommend checking it out and inputting each of these to get as many free emeralds as you can.

With all of these free emeralds, head on over to the summoning area and start pulling. The drop rate of a mythic is 0.5%, and with only 50 emeralds per pull, you have a lot of chances to get one immediately.

Basically, the idea here is to dump all of the emeralds you got from codes to spam summons until a mythic pops up. If none show up, you start over with a new account and repeat the process.

Anime Last Stand rotating base banner with rates for each rarity displayed

The Best Units to Use

If you have progressed far enough into the story, you unlock a second banner at the summon menu. This will have a higher rate for top tier units, as well as giving you access to Celestial towers.

As for which units are the best, pretty much any mythic rarity tower is good to have and will easily carry you through a lot of content. This is why it’s ideal to try and get one immediately at the start.

For more specific examples, we have an article on the 10 must-have units in the game right now. This can be used as the perfect reference once your collection has expanded a bit.

Anime Last Stand units page displaying a variety of mythic and legendary characters

That is everything you need to know when it comes to pulling a mythic unit as a new player in Anime Last Stand. Once you have gotten a decent pull, check out our guide on how to farm emeralds for summoning to start filling up your collection!


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