Anime Last Stand: Complete Update 1 Guide (How To Get Six Eyes & Evo Gojo)

The first update is jampacked!

Anime Last Stand just got its first major update. With a chockful of new content, new and old players are excited for the changes that come with the game – from new units, skill tree changes, balance, and bug fixes, this new update promises a better gameplay experience for all.

I’m here to give you guys the complete Update 1 guide for Anime Last Stand and tell you how to get Six Eyes to get Evo Gojo. Let’s get to work!

How To Get Six Eyes & Evo Gojo (Complete Update 1 Guide)

The latest update in Anime Last Stand is packed with changes. To give you a quick rundown, this new patch introduces new tasks, purchases, changed maps, and other feature changes

The update also comes with a unit (Evo Gojo) that requires two specific items to evolve: Six Eyes and 2 copies of Mythic Gojo. I’ll discuss how to get these in detail below.

ALS gameplay still.

Complete Update 1 Guide

Here is the complete list of the changes from the Update 1 patch notes:

  • Added Damage Task – Obtain Damage while you play and get rewarded with 15 Emeralds per Tier
  • Added Kill Task – Obtain Kills while you play and get rewarded with 25 Emeralds per Tier and 1 Reroll Every 5th
  • Added Summon Task – Summon Units while you play and get rewarded with 10 Emeralds per Tier
  • Added Emerald as Purchasable
  • New Bundle in Shop – Coming shortly after update
  • 100 RR Pack Added – Coming shortly after update
  • Revamped Lobby
  • Revamped Desert Village Map
  • 4 New Units
    • 1 Unit Added To Banner 2 – Dropping February 12
    • 1 Celestials From Banner
    • 1 Celestial (Mythic Evo)
    • 1 Mythic From Banner
  • New Drop From Challenges
  • Bug Fixes And Exploit Fixes
  • Balancing Changes
    • Quirk Buff/Nerf
    • Vulture Nerf
    • Cosmic Buff
    • Demi-God Rebalance
    • All Seeing Buff
    • Entrepreneur Buff
    • Avatar Buff
  • Skill Tree
    • Skill Tree Reset Item Added
    • Nerfed/Buffed/Rearranged a lot of things check them out

How To Get Six Eyes & Evo Gojo

There are some items that you’ll need this update if you want to get the Strongest Sorcerer (Evo Gojo). The requirements for this are:

  • 6 Six Eyes
  • 2 Mythic Gojo
  • 25 Spirit Shard

You can get Six Eyes and Spirit Shards by completing challenges. It doesn’t matter what challenge you complete, so just go ahead and do whatever challenge you’re most comfortable with. Like with most Roblox games, getting the Six Eyes will rely on RNG, so just keep grinding it out.

To get Mythic Gojo, simply hope that the gacha gods are looking out for you and try to summon him at the Summoning point while his banner is up. There’s really not much to this other than to hope that the 1% probability rules in your favor.

ALS Gojo probability.

And that’s it for this complete Update 1 guide! I hope that this guide gives you a good idea of how to get the Six Eyes needed for Evo Gojo. 

While Evo Gojo may be one of the best units in the game, more units can hold their own in a fight. Check out our Best Units Tier List for Anime Last Stand to get the full scoop.


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