The Quarry: How To Save Abigail

Let’s save Abigail!

The Quarry is a very interesting and fresh take on a horror/movie game. You direct your own story through the lives of these different 9 characters. A simple mistake can lead to one of their deaths. Let’s see how to save Abigail in this one.

How To Save Abigail – The Quarry

Because Abigail and Nick’s relationship is still in its early phases, it is vital to maintain it alive and good for Abigail’s protection. While the two are alone in the woods at the start of the game, you should let Abigail exhibit herself to Nick rather than hiding from him, and speak to him whenever the opportunity comes.

Helping him while he is hurt will also put Abigail on his good side. This will prove crucial later as he will save Abigail’s life. So this might not be a direct safe decision, but it is very important.

Participating in Quick Time Events and having a successful outcome will assist in keeping Abigail alive. Your first QTE will occur when you are in the woods with Nick when a werewolf appears to harm Abigail. Work your way through them as quickly as possible to achieve a positive result.

For the time being, you’ve kept Abigail safe, but as you go, you’ll notice some changes in Nick. When Nick tosses her across the room, it will all come to a head. You may pick up the shotgun here, which you should use to frighten Nick away.

You’ll need to keep Dylan, Ryan, Kaitlyn, and Emma alive as you go. Do not let Dylan climb down the ladder when investigating Chris Hackett’s office, since it will break and prevent Emma and Abigail from escaping later.

In the camera room, you’ll also discover some silver-coated shotgun rounds, which you may give to Kaitlyn to use to take out the werewolf. Or you may give her the plush animal you took from the cabin at the beginning, which will assist entice the werewolf into the freezer without putting Emma and Abigail’s lives in danger.

Congratulations! Abigail is alive all thanks to you!

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