Souldiers: A Sword For Edil Side Quest Guide

Let’s find Edil’s Sword!

Souldiers is a fantastic fun adventure 2D game that will see you exploring a vast world with a very interesting back story and fun quests. In this guide, we will talk about helping Edil and getting her sword back from the Mine where it was lost in the first place. Let’s get started.

A Sword For Edil Side Quest Guide – Souldiers

You will have to finish the Sunken Laboratory Dungeon first if you want to be able to accept this quest. Then go to Hafin City and from where you spawn keep walking on the right. You will see Edil next to the big entrance past the stairway going up.

To get inside the Mines where you need to go to finish the quest, you will have to get the Key first. You can buy it from Balof. He is located right from where you spawn, and very close to the sewer entrance.

Now, on to the finding the Sword for Edil finally. You will have to go to the Tempes Plains region.

Then once you are in this position, get inside the Mine on the far left of the little tunnel. It is marked on this picture down below.

Once inside the mine, you will want to keep jumping and get onto the highest floor. Once there, you will see a huge stone boulder blocking the pathway on the right top corner. You will need to pull it towards you, and then push it unto the little wooden structure.

This will break all the wooden ledges and even the one blocking the road at the very bottom. Then after this, go to this boulder on the lowest level. You will need to pull it all the way and block the wooden spikes on the right with it.

Now summon the Pig from your inventory. He will proceed to climb on this placed boulder by you and get to the other side without dying from the spikes as shown in the picture below.

The wooden blockade will raise up. This means that finally you can cross it and get to the other side. Here you will see Edil’s Sword sitting next to the snow.

Be wary and prepare yourself because once you take the snow, both of the wooden boulders will close you off. Enemies will keep spawning and jumping from the top onto you. You will have to defeat them in order to get out of this section. Good luck!

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