Anime World Tower Defense: Best Way To Farm Blood Tears Guide

It is easier than you think with a good team!

Anime World Tower Defense was once a calm place. Then, Hero a strong and terrible foe, has brought havoc and devastation. As the chosen one, you have been called to go out on a treacherous quest to locate and vanquish this evil entity with the help of other warriors and your bravery and abilities. Along the journey, you will encounter dangerous terrain, ferocious animals, and riddles.

While playing this game, there are a couple of materials that you can collect for various reasons. One of these materials is the Blood Tear. It is a legendary material that you can get in the Random Unit game mode. In this guide, we are going to talk about the absolute best way to farm Blood Tears in Anime World Tower Defense!

Best Way To Farm Blood Tears

The Blood Tear material is only available in the Random Unit game mode. So, your first step to achieving it is to create a good team for yourself and head into game mode.

Anime World Tower Defense Best Way To Farm Blood Tears

Creating a Good Team

Let’s first talk about how to create a good team. It is important to have strong units on your team to grind more blood tears in the game. Check out our best team recommendations in the first section of this guide.

  • King of Heroes (Gilgamesh): King of Heroes is an LR character based on the character Gilgamesh from the anime TYPE-MOON. You can obtain him in Rise of Heroes and Legend Fest and has an evolution called King of Heroes (Evolution). He is pretty strong, especially when upgraded, so he is a good choice for the lead here.
    • Gilgamesh’s passive skill to stun enemies and his cash generation skill will be very useful during this playthrough.
King of Heroes in Anime World Tower Defense.
  • Investigator: Investigator is a playable character that you can get from Rise of Heroes mode that is modeled after the anime character L. It has an 800 placement cost at the beginning, and it gives you 150 per wave.
Investigator in Anime World Tower Defense.
  • Ramen Guy: This one is a new UR+ unit that was added to the game about a month ago. It is one of the strongest units in the game at the moment.
Ramen Guy in Anime World Tower Defense.
  • Sans: This one is also one of the new units in the game. It is a SCR unit that deals really good damage. Having him on your team will help you a lot while grinding materials.
Sans in Anime World Tower Defense.
  • Shining Star Idol: Shining Star Idol, in other words, AI Hoshino in Oshi No Ko, is a Miracle Rare unit that you can get at Bulma’s lab by speaking with Bulma. Right now, she’s the game’s greatest support character. In addition to providing money every wave, she can use her special ability to enhance other units’ attacks that are within range.
Shining Star in Anime World Tower Defense.

Farming Blood Tears

Now that you know how to create a strong team, you can go ahead and open the Random Unit game mode. This mode has a 3% chance of giving you Blood Tear. When choosing the difficulty, you should choose the Challenger Difficulty.

The Challenger Difficulty lets you complete a challenge and earn +1 item drop from the stage, so it is only the best choice to get more materials.

Choosing a game mode in Anime World Tower Defense.

Once the game begins, you can start by placing King of Heroes. Now, remember that in the Random Unit game mode, the units you are going to receive after placing the ones on your team are going to be randomly generated.

This means that we cannot actually control the units you will get, but we will still try to give you a few hints.

Random Unit in Anime World Tower Defense.

After placing King of Heroes, your second move should be placing Sans. Check out the new units you get after this one, and see if you have anyone who can work closely with Sans. Goku is a good option for this, so if you have him, place him close to Sans.

Random Unit Sans in Anime World Tower Defense.

Now, before placing any other units, you need to start upgrading your Sans. You can probably upgrade it three times at this point in the game. Stay a little longer, and make sure that you max out Sans before doing anything else.

Maxing out Sans in Random Unit in Anime World Tower Defense.

You will also get a chance to select one buff you like around this point in the game. You need to choose ATK +12% buff to be able to get the best outcome from your units. Doing this will increase your chances of dealing more damage quickly.

Selecting a buff.

If your Sans is maxed, you can place the Ramen Guy next. After that, you can place the Shining Star Idol as well. After placing her, your next objective should be to max out Shining Star Idol to get your attack up.

As we mentioned earlier, the Shining Star Idol is one of the best support units in the game at the moment. You should maximize her as soon as possible, and you are going to see that she helps a lot.

Placing Ramen Guy in Anime World Tower Defense.

Now that you have maximized the most important units to give you a good start, make sure to upgrade the King of Heroes and Ramen Guy as well. Once you do that, your starting unit will be completely ready. And you will need to hope that you can get good random units for the rest of the game.

Keep placing units, make sure to upgrade them, and you are going to be good. Also, check out our Best Units in Anime World Tower Defense (Update 14) guide for an idea about the units you get. This way, you can be sure that you use the correct units at the correct times.

Blood Tears Anime World Tower Defense.

This is the best way to farm blood tears in Anime World Tower Defense. Since you need to play the random unit game mode for this, we could not give you a step-by-step walkthrough. However, you can easily beat the mode and grind materials by following the first steps.

Do not forget to check out our Best Categories in Anime World Tower Defense (Update 14) as well to learn more about the units and use them efficiently.


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