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Testing Ground 8 All Upgrades – Atomic Heart

Craft and upgrade your arsenal!

While the game has a tendency to resemble a one way corridor at times it eventually lets you explore the other parts of the facility at your own pace. Now that you do have that freedom the next thing to do on your list is to loot every facility that you come across.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you miss anything as there are eight testing grounds you’ll eventually come across. It would be best to go through each one as they have some good loot in store for you.

However some of them require thinking, we’ll do that for you instead to make the looting part easier!

Atomic Heart | Testing Ground 8 All Upgrades

Stay long enough near the Testing Grounds, and Charles will eventually let you in on a little secret that involves chests that are called Lootyagins.

These are all located underground and will require you to mess around with magnets a bit in order to gain access to them.

The easiest point of entry to Testing Ground 8 will be on the south side of the building.

You will see some pipes on the side that lets you climb over them. Get to the roof, interact with the terminal next to the dead scientist, and hover over the camera shown on the image above. Point the camera to the door in order to open it.

Open the next camera to gain access to another terminal that you will be using later.

One more camera will need your attention, hover over that to open another spot and jump back down to the first level.

The doors are now open and you will be able to access the elevator that leads to the basement.

Getting to the first puzzle room is easy, just make two right turns as soon as the elevator lets you run free.

Upon arriving in the first magnetic puzzle room, jump on the blue platform and cast SHOK on the ceiling.

This will give you access to the containers above which have handles that you can shimmy over. Climb that and look to your rear and jump over to the other side. Clear that gap and jump to the silver bars to the left next.

There’s a blue crevice that lets you climb over to another container. Walk all the way to the other side, blast the ceiling with SHOK, and the metal boxes will lower granting you access to the door above.

Go through that door and make a right turn to get your first Lootyagin that contains Vodka and an extra saw for your Zvezdochka.

The next room isn’t really a puzzle, you just have to shoot through it and make your way to the platform on the upper left.

Get up there and make one more left turn into a room that has the silver Lootyagin. This one holds a Thermal Scope for your Makarov and homing bullets for your Dominator.

The next room is quite massive, don’t let that intimidate you as you only need to jump across the platforms to get to the door shown above. Turn right at the first doorway you see and jump straight down.

If you’re aim is true then the fall damage will be negated by the polymer below.

The orange orbs make a return! You can use telekinesis here to latch them on to the wall sockets, or just simply throw them over as it will have the same outcome.

A door will open after the fifth orb is attached so go in there and push the red button in order to proceed.

You will be lead back into the large testing chamber you saw earlier, make your way to the door on the left underneath some stairs and walk the plank going up. Take the orb and backtrack into the previous room, this time walk up the stairs and attach the orb to the socket in front of it.

This will reel in some more pipes for you to grab onto. Follow the yellow pieces of metal as you lean to the left and it will eventually lead back up to some scaffolding.

The orb from downstairs is in full view of you so just take that and reattached it to socket on the floor you’re at.

Another wall will be in your reach at this point, climb onto the top of that and drop the orb in the middle to move it back to its original place.

As the wall stops moving, go and jump to the platform in front of you again. This leads to the exit so don’t worry about having to carry the orb around again.

After all of that you are now presented with your gold Lootyagin. It contains a Dynamo, two chemistry resources, a superconductor, and an Energy-Vampire Block upgrade for your Electro.  You will also receive an extra Blade for your Swede.

And that’s it! Platforming made easy, now go and get looting!

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