Best Categories in Anime World Tower Defense (Update 14)

Know which ones are the best!

Best Categories in Anime World Tower Defense (Update 14)

Setting up the best team in Anime World Tower Defense can be tough since you’ll need to learn about a lot of units. To make things easier, you’ll want to divide them down to their categories and some are just better than others.

There are a few categories in this game that are just overall better than the rest and you should know them to maximize your power in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best unit categories you can go for in Anime World Tower Defense. We’ll go through why they’re the best and give examples of the best units in the category.

Best Categories (Update 14)

Each unit in Anime World Tower Defense is divided into categories and most of them share multiple. The reason why you’ll want to keep their categories in mind is that some units have leader buffs for them. With the new Update 14, there are more units now that shifted the best categories. Let’s find out what the best ones are!

Anime World Tower Defense Spiritual Sensitivity

Spiritual Sensitivity

One of the best categories in the game because it has a lot of top-tier units for you to build a team with. You have units like Yukka, Unlimited (Honored), Exorcist Flame, and so on. Unlimited (Honored) is an amazing unit to have in any party with this category because of his Leaderbuff.

Anime World Tower Defense Honor And Integrity

Honor And Integrity

The main reason why this category is great is because of the Father of Humanity unit which is one of the newest additions to the game. There are also some other great units under this category like Manato, God Shinobi, Unlimited (Honored), and so on. Most of the best units in this category are under LR or LR+.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to know what the best individual teams are in the game then here’s a detailed guide on the best units!

Anime World Tower Defense Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior

Another great category that has a lot of amazing units under it. Examples include White Uchigo with its Leader Skill that massively buffs the category and Visionary (Imagine) with its random debuffs. There’s also Ice Shinigami and King of Heroes which are both great units.

Anime World Tower Defense Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

Unlike the other categories, this one doesn’t have that many units. What it does have is that most units are extremely powerful. You can get the King of Heroes, Ruffy (Emperor), and RedHair to name a few. If you’re building a team with this category make sure to have RedHair for the leader buff to the category.

Anime World Tower Defense Youth


This category has a lot of units and most of them are quite good. You’ve got units like Dark Flame Lover with his Power of Friendship buff as well as Yukka which is a great support character. More examples of characters in this category are Golden Wind, Royal Girl (Water Armor), and Tyran Eye.

Those are all the best categories in Anime World Tower Defense for Update 14. Now go out there and try to make a team under these categories! Learning the categories is just one side of the coin, you’ll need to learn about the individual units too! Check out our guide on the Kakashi unit to get started!


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