Arcane Lineage: Aestic, Ferrus, & Laneus Ore Location

Surprisingly easier to find than you think!

Arcane Lineage ore locations
Arcane Lineage ore locations

After you got your first job and grinded a few levels and gold in Arcane Lineage, you’re going to need to find ores. Yep, it’s time to revamp your weapon and armor to face even stronger mobs in the game. And we’re going to help you find the location of Aestic, Ferrus, and Laenus ores in the game.

Aestic, Ferrus, & Laneus Ore Location

There are three types of ores that we can mine in the game right now. Regardless of your job, it’s always nice to know where everything is because you never know when a future recipe will need them. With that said, ore location in Arcane Lineage isn’t that hard to find.

The first two are the Aestic & Ferrus ores location. These two ores are both located in the same spot. Go out of Caldera Town from the side that has the house with a scale symbol or it and immediately sees a tall grass area.

Turn right and keep going until you see this rocky terrain. There’s a hole in the wall there which leads into the cave where the Aestic and Ferrus ores spawn.

Ferrus ore is light grey and as you can guess, is silver ore. Aestic ore is dark grey and is the generally preferred ingredient as it has moderate toughness. Ferrus ores are common for armors meant for melee roles while Aestic is commonly seen in magicians’ and assassins’ armor sets.

Arcane Lineage ore location

The location for Laneus ores are trickier as they’re inside the Deeproot Canopy. Head into the Deeproot Canopy by following the path after you leave the town via the gate where the alchemist is. Go beyond the bridge and you’ll find yourself in the dangerous zone.

Drink an abhhorent potion if you don’t want to be bothered with facing mobs on your way there now.

The road will branch not long after you enter. Take the right path and keep following it until you see a second rock arch. There’s going to be a path to the right with tree roots hanging on top. Go inside and that’s where you can find Laneus ores.

There are a couple spots to mine from so you’re not likely to be fighting with others to mine them.

Arcane Lineage ore location

We have listed all known ore location in Arcane Lineage. We’ll definitely let you know when news ones are added into the game!

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