Arcane Odyssey: How to Join the Grand Navy

You mean to tell me I have to wear a uniform!?

Sometimes games give you a chance to join a faction within that game. Ones like the different factions in the MMORPG New World, or the classic Fallout: New Vegas, or Skyrim if you ever stop doing side quests. Joining them often means not joining other factions, having different quest lines, or even just a simple snazzy uniform.

In Arcane Odyssey, an RPG in Roblox, you can join different clans or crews, but you can also join the Grand Navy and in this guide, we’ll show you just how to do that! So get your sails and ship ready and be sure you’re at a high enough level because we’ll be joining the Grand Navy!

How to Join the Grand Navy In Arcane Odyssey

There are two factions that you can join in the Arcane Odyssey, the Assassin Syndicate and the Grand Navy.

The Grand Navy can be found in Silverhold, which is south of Palo Town, West of Hervest Island, and North of Munera Garden.

To even attempt to join the navy you shouldn’t have a bounty or notoriety or else the NPCs will just start attacking you and you can’t talk to anyone. You also need to be at least Level 50 to join and be not part of a crew or a guild.

Once you get into Silverhold, head inside the building and talk to the Visitor Receptionist Scott Baldwin, there you can choose to join the Grand Navy, and if you have the prerequisites you’ll be able to join!

Just remember that joining the Grand Navy will make it so you’ll wear their uniform, which frankly is a deal breaker for me since I can’t show off my gear.

If you want to leave the Grand Navy then you can just leave it via the Menu, go to the clan window, and click leave.

Congratulations you now know how to join the Grand Navy in Arcane Odyssey, now go out there and try to join them if you want! Just be sure you’re not a bad guy and be at level 50!

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