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Get some satisfaction for your Character!

There are so many debuffs when it comes to getting your character happy in Nobody The Turnaround. Once you reach those end-stages of the game and get higher ranks in the game, you will get different types of debuffs. Here we will show you how to get rid of yearning, crawling and unsatisfy. Let’s get started.

Nobody the Turnaround – How To Get Rid Of Yearning, Crawling & Unsatisfied

After unlocking the Life Goal by the name of Striver, you will usually have a debuff called the Yearning. This will decrease your cool by a total points of 5. In the worst-case scenario, you will even have a -10 Craving at times which is just awful.

These debuffs are based on a statistic called the Satisfaction. So basically, to remove the debuffs, you will have to increase your Satisfaction levels. You will want to have it increased all the way to 100 points.

Songfy Cafe

Source – HTF Games Studio

To get more satisfaction in Nobody the Turnaround you will have to eat specific types of foods. The fastest way to do so is to visit the Songfy Cafe which can be found in the east parts of the town.

Source – HTF Games Studio

Once you come here you will be able to buy a dessert for 60 cash which will increase your satisfaction by 30 points!

Spicy Pot

Another good location is by going into the Spicy Pot restaurant.

Source – HTF Games Studio

Here you will be able to get a full-on dinner for 60 cash which will then increase your satisfaction by 24 points!


Source – HTF Games Studio

For the cheapest solution, you will need to go to the top right corner of the map and then look for a cafe called MadConald. Here you can get total satisfaction of 7 for the price of 18 cash for just one burger.

Portable Food Stores

Another good option is by going into a portable station that will sell you some snacks. These can be found at random times throughout random places in the world. There is one at the Convenience Store and at the Ticketing map locations.

From here you will find the Beef Jerky which is the best food item to get your satisfaction levels up. This will get your satisfaction by 10.

These foods are the best when it comes to satisfaction because you can carry as much as you want in your inventory.

That’s all about getting rid of those scary debuffs in Nobody the Turnaround. We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you needed to do. A big thank you to HTF Games Studio. You can check him out for more details.

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