Baldur’s Gate 3: Find Explosives | Deep Gnome’s Hiding Spot Location

Wow, we really do this much for some powder?

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There’s a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 called Find Explosives. You’ll need to find the Smokepowder Reserve that a Deep Gnome left behind to clear the cave-in. But where exactly is it? So you won’t have to run around in circles, here’s a guide that shows all the turns and paths that you’ll have to take to reach the Deep Gnome’s Hiding Spot in the game.

Find Explosives | Deep Gnome’s Hiding Spot Location

In order to find the Deep Gnome’s hiding spot, you’ll need to go wrap around to the back of the map. However, it will not be easy to reach and spot thus the “hiding” on the quest description. Make sure to follow this guide for an easy walkthrough!

After starting from Underdark – Grymforge, make your way down the ladder and go left as shown in this image below.

You’ll come across Duergar and a Double Iron Doors, you’ll need to unlock this in order to pass through and progress into the quest.

Also, you can ask for loot on the corpses, and should you succeed in a Perception check (requiring a roll of 10 or higher), you might uncover valuable items among the remains. The Duergar will then request your assistance or ask you to leave.

At the end of the room, as shown in the image below, you’ll need to pass in a Perception check.

Successfully doing so will reveal a hidden door and a button that you can interact with to open the door and pass through.

Head up and there’s another Perception check that you’ll have to take. If you pass it, you’ll notice an incoming ambush from 3 Ochre Jelly that drops from the ceiling.

In order to proceed to the quest, go up the stairs as shown in the image below.

However, there’s a chest that you can loot, and you can head straight towards the end of the hallway for another Perception check.

Head straight into the ladders and jump towards the opposite side as shown in the image below.

Head straight and you’ll see an Intricate Door which you can unlock (DC:10). However, there’s an alternative if you can’t seem to open the door.

For the alternative method, you’ll need to use and rotate your camera for a bit. Head towards the left side of the door as shown in the image below.

You’ll see an opening which leads you to the same room that the Intricate Door leads you to. Just keep heading straight towards the back of the room to see the hiding Deep Gnome.

There it is, turns out it’s “she”! The Deep Gnome’s name is Philomeen, standing near a smokepowder barrel.

After getting closer, an interaction and cutscene will appear. She will threaten you as she doesn’t see you trustworthy, I mean, stranger danger. There will be a few options for you to convince her otherwise.

If you can’t convince her, she’ll blow up the barrel, causing massive damage and possibly wiping out your whole group. But if you succeed in convincing her, she’ll give you a Runepowder Vial. Alternatively, you can try attacking her to take the entire barrel. If you end up defeating her, you’ll need to pass a Dexterity check (with a difficulty of 20) when dealing with the barrel.

If you unfortunately end up with nothing on a hand and an injured team, there’s still a few ways in order to clear the cave-in. Also, more powder reserves will appear on your map that you can find. Look further down into the guide!

How to Clear the Cave-in

Go back to the guards to find the Cave-in. Interact with the cave-in to activate a cutscene. You can continue or leave after the dialogue. Afterward, use your Runepowder Vial and throw it on the cave-in to clear the rubble. Step back to avoid getting hit by the rubble. 

Alternatively, you can use Bombs and the Shatter spell. There are also a couple of smokepowder bags to be found on the first level. And if you had kept any smokepowder barrels from previous quests, those work too.

However, you may have a hard time using Bombs. I recommend not to throw them. Instead, drop a bomb on the ground then drag it over to where the satchel is. Everyone will stay away from the bombs naturally. Then light it all up with a fire arrow. Kaboom!

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