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Baldur’s Gate 3: The Adamantine Forge Location

Discover the mysterious Adamantine Forge!

The Adamantine Forge is a mysterious forge hidden in the Underdark. This forge is protected by a guardian that is weak to magma. You also need to find a way to activate it. Below is a guide on the location of the Adamantine Forge and how to activate it.

Adamantine Forge Location – Baldur’s Gate 3

Go to the Underdark and move further south past the Grymforge. From the central platform, go southeast and you will find a wooden plank. Turn your camera and you will find a platform with a huge gear on it. Use your misty step to go here. 

Keep going down the hall until you see an Ancient Rune Circle. Move to the east until you see a broken staircase. Go down the staircase until you reach the platform with the Adamantine Forge.

How to Activate the Adamantine Forge

From the Adamantine Forge, go up the broken staircase again. However, while you are in the middle of the staircase, you will notice a platform with lava flowing under it. Go to that platform and keep going until you reach a Mithral Vein. Mine the Mithral Vein and get the Mithral Ore. 

Go back to the staircase and climb up. You will notice a table here containing a Mace Mould. Get the Mace Mould and go to the left. Get the Scale Mail Mould here as well. Now go all the way to the right and get the Splint Mould on the platform with a gear on it. 

Go back to the Adamantine Forge and insert the Mithral Ore in the Crucible. Insert the Mace Mould on the Mould Chamber. Activate the Forge Lever and the Lava Valve. Prepare to fight the guardian that guards the Adamantine Forge. 

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