BEAR Alpha: All Rare Skins Guide – Roblox

A guide for all the rare skins.

BEAR Alpha: All Rare Skins Guide - Roblox

There are many rare and unique skins in BEAR Alpha, particularly the ones that truly strike fear in your enemies. We’re going to share how these skins look and if you can get one of them in the future. Prepare for some of the rarest bear skins from Bear Alpha!

All Rare Skins Guide

There are several skins that are so rare, it’s nearly impossible to see people using them in the game. But in Bear*, some of the skins saw reemergence and more news ones were added. Like the Smiley Dealer skin and limited-time Christmas skins.

We’re going to show you 10 of those skins and how they were available.


BEAR Alpha Whitey skin.

Description: Woah.

Whitey was one of the skins that received a redesign and is only owned by Cheedaman and Croutonium. They are skins that were given to close friends of the developer. Rumors have it that it might become obtainable in the future.

#1 (Lagoon)

BEAR Alpha Lagoon skin.

Description: Sick to my tummy. Must think I’m a dummy.

Officially known as #1, Lagoon is a skin that has been spotted in lobbies used by Cheedaman, White Truffle, and Cyblurius. It also has a unique jiggle animation and has not received a redesign.


BEAR Alpha Derek skin.

Description: lol

Derek is one of the most popular skin from Bear Alpha. Only Cheedaman could use it, but now everyone can buy it from the shop in Bear*.

Cinco de Whitey

BEAR Alpha Cinco de Whitey skin.

Description: Yo I don’t know if you can see this but yeah it’s expensive because you’re not meant to have/buy this lol

Cheedaman and Cyblurius are the sole owners of this skin in Bear Alpha. Players were able to this through an exploit in the game. It was initially created to be available for purchase from the shop. But the sale was cancelled and it remains an exclusive.


BEAR Alpha RubberMAL skin.

Description: The Funny

This popular skin became exclusive as well in Bear* and was originally given to PapaDoomsday as a thank from Cheedaman.


BEAR Alpha Omen_MAL.

You may have seen this skin used many times in Bear* as it was a Halloween skin. But in Bear Alpha, this was an exclusive skin that only Cheedaman uses.

RnVtYmxl (Fumble)

BEAR Alpha Fumble skin.

Description: SSBkb24ndCBrbm93lHdoeQ== (Translation: I don’t know why)

Fumble is an exclusive in Bear Alpha with encoded name and description. Cheedaman sometimes used commands to turn himself and others into Fumble in-game.

The Alien from Neptune

BEAR Alpha The Alien from Neptune.

Description: Previously thought to be extinct

While it is an exclusive skin to Cheedaman, testers during the testing period were able to purchase this skin for use. It may become available in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see.


BEAR Alpha Gruss0.

Gruss0 is a special skin only Cheedaman and a major contributor to the game, Gruss0, could use. It was recorded by a player who was spectating the user named after the contributor herself. It also comes with a pet and later saw a reappaearance in Bear* as a survivor.

Red Robin

BEAR Alpha Red Robin.

Description: Everything red, I don’t want red, I want everything red, I ain’t need red, some blue, some red, I ain’t mean red, I want everything red.

This blazing Whitey is a special skin that has flame effect added using dev console by Cheedaman. It doesn’t even have an official icon and is more of a modified Whitey.


BEAR Alpha Curry skin.

Description: tandoori

This is an official, exclusive Bear* skin. But many did not know that this was also in Bear Alpha. Cheedaman may have used dev console to use in Bear Alpha similar to how he did with Fumble.

And those are all the known rare skins in Bear Alpha! They’re cool, but skins aren’t the only ways to look dope in the game. In Bear*, you can get Radioactive Kill Effect and here’s how.


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