Starfield: Targeting Control Systems Skill | How To Target Components

Take the space combat experience to a new level.

A ship blown in combat in Starfield

Space combat in Starfield can get pretty tricky. Even the tiniest differences between ships can be decisive for the winner. Sometimes, you won’t want to blow up a ship; you’ll want to board it. That’s where the Targeting Control Systems skill comes into play.

During space combat, you can keep your crosshairs on the enemy to lock onto them. Prior to unlocking Targeting Control Systems skill this helps you launch tracking missiles; although having the skill will completely change your strategy against other ships.

How Targeting Control Systems Perk Works

Dogfight Start

Targeting Control Systems is a Tech Skill that allows you to target an enemy ship’s components during the space combat. To unlock it, all you need to do is to earn a skill point and invest it in Targeting Control Systems under the Tech branch of the skill tree.

Targeting Control Systems Skill Tree

Unlocking Rank 1 will unlock the skill for all the ships of your fleet, and the following skill point investments will unlock the other benefits:

  • Rank One – Unlocks Ship Targeting Functionality
  • Rank Two – Time to lock onto enemy ships is reduced by 15%. Target-locked ships fire at you 25% slower.
  • Rank Three – Time to lock onto enemy ships is reduced by 30%. You have a 10% increased chance of critically hitting a target-locked ship.
  • Rank Four – Time to lock onto enemy ships is reduced by 60%. Deal 20% increased system damage in targeting mode.

If you feel like you need some piloting practice before you invest precious skill points, you can train in Vanguard Pilot Simulator.

How To Target Enemy Ship Components

Target Lock

To work your Targeting Control Systems skill, you need to lock onto an enemy ship first. When in space combat with another ship, keep your crosshair on your target.

Then, you will notice a percentage climbing rapidly. Once it hits a full 100 percent, press the designated button (R on PC or X on Xbox) to lock in.

Targeting Components

Once you are locked in, you will see a small section at the bottom of your screen that shows enemy ship’s components.

You can move between the parts to choose which component you want to attack at. When you choose, shoot as normal. Your weapons will hit the specific part of your choice on the enemy ship.

That sums it up for this guide on how Targeting Control Systems skill works and how to target components in Starfield. If you have questions or concerns, please do leave them in the comments section below.

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