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Learn how to unlock the three new badges in Bear* Museum.

The Bear* Museum is a ROBLOX game which showcases all of the BEAR (Alpha) and BEAR* maps and the skins, kill effects, NPCs dialogue along with other memorable parts of the franchise. 

For interacting with certain parts of the game, you can get badges. There are currently six obtainable badges, with an additional 3 that used to be obtainable before the game was revamped. 

How To Obtain The Three New Badges

Out of the six badges, three were recently added and can be acquired just by interacting with a few areas in the game.  These badges are meant to incentivize players to look at specific parts of the game. The badges’ names are:

  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • A Taste of Royalty
  • The Big One

Intrusive Thoughts

First, you’ll need to teleport into the Alpha area of the Museum. You can do that by pressing the “Teleport” button at the bottom right of your screen. Once you’ve done that, head down into the area with the two statues

From there, turn right and go to the area where the sign says “Maps. Inside, move a little bit towards the center of the room and press E when you receive the prompt.

Now that the panels have appeared, go to the panel on the right side and click the middle square of the second row

Bear* Museum Panel Choice for Intrusive Thoughts

A rotating room will appear in front of you. Jump inside it and click the glowing red button. Once you do, you’ll receive a notification that you’ve gotten the Intrusive Thoughts badge!

Bear* Museum Glowing Red Button

A Taste of Royalty 

For the next badge, follow the circular path until you get to the area marked “Equips”

Go down the hallway until you get to the room with the big egg with glasses in it. All you need to do is go up to the egg and touch it, and you’ll receive the “A Taste of Royalty” badge! 

Bear* Museum Big Egg with Glasses
Credit: ChezmanCheddarBalls

The Big One

For the last badge called “The Big One”, continue walking in the same room where you got the previous badge, and go into the tunnel behind the egg

In the new room, press E and the panels will open. You’ll need to select one of the skins on the right panel, particularly one that looks like Santa. If you’re struggling to find it, use the image as a guide.

After the statue pops up, go up to the small player model that just appeared and click it to get your badge!

Bear* Museum Panel for The Big One
Credit: ChezmanCheddarBalls

That was how to find all of the three new badges in the Bear* Museum ROBLOX game. Hopefully in the future, the developer will add more badges for players to unlock!

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