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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island: All Memories of Your Father Locations

Gather all the lost memories of the past…

The new release of the director’s cut of Ghost of Tsushima has launched a whole new island to explore, called the Iki Island. Being the main character’s point of origin, there is a really interesting storyline which you can do that will make you live the past and see your memories of your father. I know, it sounds really interesting! And you want to do it right now, but don’t know exactly where to find these memories. Lucky for you, we know where you can find them, and will show you, with a detailed map to follow!

All Memories of Your Father Locations – Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

The really good thing about this quest is that the places where you can relive the past are shown on your map. After you’ve lived the first memory, you can even fast travel to them!

In total, there are 5 memories you can relive on this island.

Memory of Sorrow

The first one is known as the Memory of Sorrow and it’s located in the Thunderhead Cliffs. Here is a picture with the map:

As you can see, it’s right at the upper right edge of the island.

Memory of Foreboding

If you follow the white flower sign on the map that represents the memories, you can find the second memory. The Memory of Foreboding is situated right to the South of the first location.

You can see the exact location below:

Memory of Anguish

The third memory is unfortunately further away, right to the Southwest of Fort Sakai, at the Kidafure Battleground. Again, just look for the small white flower with petals falling.

After you find it, as shown in this picture, just fast travel there and relive the memory.

Memory of Kinship

The penultimate one can be found at the Senjo Gorge, West of the Weeping Mother’s Meadow. You know, the big white tower on the map.

Here is another picture to guide your way:

Memory of an Unfinished Song

This one is special, in the sense that it appears on the map once all the other 4 have been completed. It’s next to the Sly Hunter’s Forest, Northwest of Fort Sakai.

As shown below, look for the final white flower:

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