Wild Hearts – Where to Find Ancient Lumber

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There are not many games out there like Monster Hunter, it’s been one of the main games in its genre and not a lot of developers have tried to get into it. Still, there are a few who tries and Wild Hearts is the newest game in that corner of the gaming genre.

The game features amazing graphics that can melt your GPU as you travel around a fantasy Japan fighting monsters big or small.

The game also has a co-op mode where you can progress through the story with your friends, so if you don’t want to hunt along you can bring friends and fool around the game.

There’s a lot to do in the game and in this guide, we’ll show you where to find one of the materials in it!

Where to Find Ancient Lumber In Wild Hearts

There are a ton of different materials you can get in Wild Hearts, and all of them play an important role in helping you in your progression one way or the other.

That’s why it’s great to know where to find these materials, be it from petting monsters or defeating them in battle or even just getting materials from the ground itself. The latter is what we’re going to do to get Ancient Lumber!

Source: No-Nonsense Guides – YouTube

Ancient Lumber can be found in the map “Blossom Trail Hunt – Chapter 1.”

There you’ll see a large river that divides the map into two. Ancient Lumber spawns in this map, but it’s mainly found near bodies of water, so go around the lakes and the main river to find them.

Source: No-Nonsense Guides – YouTube

You can easily find them by going through the river in the middle and looking for shiny things on the ground like the one shown below.

Even if you can’t see the wood well since it’s the same color as the ground, look for the shiny particle effects around it.

Source: No-Nonsense Guides – YouTube

Congratulations you now know where to find this item in Wild Hearts, now go out there and try to do it yourself!

Many thanks to No-Nonsense Guides for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their YouTube video.

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