Best Budget Gaming Tables

Complete your gaming setup with these great gaming tables.

Nothing completes a gaming setup more than a gaming table, and there’s no shortage of excellent gaming tables in the market these days.

However, most of these tables are actually quite expensive, so if you don’t have enough budget to spare, then you might just ditch the idea of getting one. Or you can just go for a budget gaming table instead.

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There are plenty of budget gaming tables out there. The problem is that most of them tend to be fragile, even small. So if you’re on a search for a budget gaming table, you might end up getting a poor quality one instead.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. We have reviewed a handful of these tables, and we concluded five of them to be the best among the rest.

Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Tables

Best Budget Gaming Tables Area Material Buy Now
EUREKA ERGONOMIC 47 Inch Gaming Desk 47 inches Metal
SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 47 inches Carbon fiber surface & particle board
Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk 50 inches Metal frame and engineered wood
DESINO Gaming Desk 32 inches Unspecified
SHW Harrison 31-inch Home Computer Desk 31 inches Engineered wood
Best Budget Gaming Tables Area Material Buy Now
EUREKA ERGONOMIC 47 Inch Gaming Desk 47 inches Metal
SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 47 inches Carbon fiber surface & particle board
Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk 50 inches Metal frame and engineered wood
DESINO Gaming Desk 32 inches Unspecified
SHW Harrison 31-inch Home Computer Desk 31 inches Engineered wood

Before anything else, we’d like to define what a budget gaming table is. Ideally, we would have gone with those that are below $100.

However, most of them aren’t that sturdy and reliable. In fact, we only found two of them that are below $100. For the most part, the rest of the tables are under $200.

Top Pick: EUREKA ERGONOMIC 47 Inch Gaming Desk

Starting out with our top pick, we have this 47-inch gaming this from Eureka. As the name implies, this gaming desk has an ergonomic design to make sure that you can position yourself properly while playing.

Despite looking simple, it’s actually stylish enough for most gamers. It has a rectangular shape with a curved design on the edges meant to keep you close to your PC.

When it comes to its dimensions, the desk has a depth of 23 inches which allows you to keep at a nice distance between the monitor and your eyes. Moreover, its overall area of 47 inches means that you can place your monitor and other gaming accessories on top without crowding it.

As the table is made of sturdy metal, you don’t have to worry about its durability and sturdiness. Overall, it’s a pretty well-balanced gaming table that’s under $200.


  • Wide enough at 47 inches
  • Comes with a cup holder at the side
  • Allows for easier cable management
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Some parts are made of plastic

Runner-Up: SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk

Yet another gaming table under $200, the SEVEN WARRIOR gaming desk also measures 47 inches. This provides a lot of room for other gaming peripherals and accessories. It also has a really solid build quality with a handle of nice quality-of-life additions.

For starters, it comes with a cup holder on the left side, a headphone rack on the right, as well as an elevated stand for your monitor. The stand stretches throughout the desk’s length, giving you a lot of room to position your monitor. You can even position two monitors on top without any issues.

Then, it has a built-in power strip as well as an RGB mousepad which are two neat additions to your gaming setup. With the power strip, you can connect various accessories such as LED strips and even speakers directly.

It doesn’t have curved edges though. So if you’re fine with that, then it’s the perfect alternative to Eureka’s gaming desk.


  • Wide area for all your gaming peripherals
  • Sturdy construction
  • Built-in power strip


  • A bit flimsy but not too much
  • Tends to cause your monitor to shake at times

Best L-Shape Table: Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Compared to the other budget gaming tables on this list, this one from Mr IRONSTONE is unique in the sense that it has an L-shaped design. While that might make it look a bit weird, there are actually several benefits to having an L-shaped table instead of the usual rectangular version.

First off, it provides you with a lot more space to work on. With a total area of 50 inches, you can place a lot of stuff on this table without cluttering it too much. Second, its shape means you can fit it naturally into corners and save a lot of space in the process.

Then, it has a monitor stand on one side where you can place a second monitor if you want. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of room left for your main monitor. After all, each side is 50 inches long which is quite a lot.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid gaming table that’s way more affordable than the previous two. It can also function not just as a gaming table but as a work or general-purpose table as well.


  • Lots of space for various peripherals
  • Can easily fit into corners
  • Comes with a monitor riser stand on one side


  • Can be a bit annoying to assemble due to the many parts included
  • Has a tendency to shake

Best Gaming Table Under $100: DESINO Gaming Desk

The budget gaming tables we’ve covered thus far were all below $200 but above $100. So if you’re looking for the best budget gaming table that’s under $100, the DESINO gaming desk is for you. Right off the bat, you get this edgy yet modern desk that’s fairly easy to assemble.

Design-wise, the DESINO gaming desk features an ergonomic shape as well as a carbon fiber texture for added appeal. It also comes with several additions to help you organize your gaming peripherals easily. There’s a hook for your headphone on the left as well as some custom stickers.

That said, it has no extra features like a cup holder or a power strip. It also measures 32 inches which makes it fairly small compared to the ones above. However, 32 inches is still enough for most gaming setups, especially if you don’t use an ultra-wide monitor or a second monitor.


  • An excellent option for a gaming table below $100
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Features an ergonomic shape


  • Lacks various quality-of-life features

Budget: SHW Harrison 31-inch Home Computer Desk

Out of all the budget gaming tables we’ve encountered, the SHW Harrison computer desk is by far the cheapest one we found that still features impressive build quality. However, due to it being cheap, you can’t really expect a lot of the features the previous gaming desks have.

To be honest, this one looks very simplistic, but it’s actually durable and sturdy. It can hold your monitor and keyboard without any problem.

There’s even a platform on the right side where you can place your cup of coffee or even other accessories. However, there’s no headphone holder, though you can just hang your headphone on the bar to the left.

Overall, it’s surprisingly decent for a cheap gaming table. And if you’re tight on budget, then you might want to check this out.


  • Pretty decent for a cheap table
  • Comes with a platform on the side for other accessories
  • Really affordable


  • Lacks various features
  • A bit flimsy but still sturdy nonetheless

To Sum Up

Just because these are budget gaming tables doesn’t mean they have poor quality compared to their more expensive counterparts. In fact, all of these tables are a solid choice if you want a gaming table without spending too much.

Personally, I would recommend the SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk for the simple reason that it comes with a power strip which is really handy. That said, the other gaming tables are worth checking out as well.

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