How to Unlock & Sell at Peddler Stall In Nobody the Turnaround

Life of a peddler isn’t easy.

Indie games are usually a great source of creative gameplay and unique stories. Unlike triple AAA games, indie games don’t have to listen to higher ups and add things like an open world, radio towers to unlock parts of the map, or side missions that are copy pasted everywhere (looking at you, Ubisoft). Nobody The Turnaround is an indie game that does none of that, but offers you a gameplay experience, coupled with a story that shows you what it’s like to struggle in the modern world.

Nobody the Turnaround – How to Unlock & Sell at Peddler Stall

Unlock the Peddler Stall

Source: HTF Games Studio

There will be a conversation where you will talk to your sister about opening a stall. Once the conversation ends, go to your Planner and select the Peddler skill, which is located at the top of the skill tree.

Source: HTF Games Studio

After you have unlocked the Peddler skill, open your Phone and go to dBay. Here, you will need to order items that you are going to sell in your stall. The red text is the price you will be paying for the items, while the green text is the price you can sell your items at the stall.

Select the items you want and amount and have them delivered. Take note that the items will be delivered in 2 days, so go do something in the meantime until your items arrive, as you won’t be able to actually sell anything yet.

Source: HTF Games Studio

After two days have passed, go to the central part of the map and look for the name Buddy. Go to Buddy and talk to him. You will then get a dialogue option to ask if he can check if there are any packages for you. You will then have to carry your delivery on your backpack.

Bear in mind that you can only carry a maximum weight of 40 kg, if you have not upgraded your carrying capacity. Make sure to only order the things you can carry before anything.

Sell your items

Source: HTF Games Studio

After getting your items, you need to wait until it’s 5 PM (1700 for you military people). This is when you can sell your items at peddler locations. You only have until 9 PM to sell your items, as you will have to go home when it reaches that time.

When finding a spot to set up your stall, make sure that the spot is a good place to sell the items you ordered. For example, Glow Glasses and Glow Bracelets will sell very well if you set up shop near some disco places.

Huge thanks to HTF Games Studio for the information on how to unlock the Peddler ability and sell items. If you want to learn more, you can go to his YouTube video that talks about the ability and more by clicking the link here: How to Unlock & Sell at Peddler Stall | Nobody the Turnaround Guide

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