Best Tier List in Untitled Boxing Game Roblox | Ghost Rework

Ghost Style is reworked! I wonder if it’s better now!

Best Tier List in Untitled Boxing Game Roblox | Ghost Rework

Untitled Boxing Game lets you choose from up to 16 different Boxing Styles. Each of these Boxing Styles will give you different speeds, damage, and how much damage you can block. Depending on your playstyle, you will be able to shine regardless of what you choose to use.

However, some Boxing Styles managed to become better than other Styles. This can split the community into players who care about what’s best and players who want to master one specific style. If you want to know which styles are the best, this Untitled Boxing Game Tier List is for you.

Best Tier List in Untitled Boxing Game Roblox

Best Tier List in Untitled Boxing Game Roblox | Ghost Rework Image

S Tier

  • Hawk: This is a Legendary style with a 1% chance of being rolled. This move has a special mechanic called “Sway Back”, letting you perfect dodge anything without needing to dodge in the direction of the punches thrown.

A Tier

Boxing Styles in the A Tier gives you different speeds, damage, and a unique block capacity. For example, the Long Guard style allows you to utilize your Guard more, while Hitman helps you with better speed. Depending on what Styles you rolled, you’ll want to play in a different way.

  • Hitman
  • Iron Fist
  • Trickster
  • Wolf
  • Ippo
  • Long Guard
  • Corkscrew
  • Slugger
  • Kimura

B Tier

The Styles in B Tier can work as long as you know how to perform effectively with it. However, these are likely to under perform compared to other Boxing Styles in the higher tier. Even though the Ghost move has been reworked, it is still not going up in the Tier List.

  • Smash
  • Counter
  • Hands Low
  • Ghost (Reworked)
  • Bullet

C Tier

  • Basic

Thoughts About Reworked Ghost

Even though the Ghost Style has been reworked, the community still thinks that the Style is still under-performing. For a Legendary Style that’s hard to get, the effort it takes to get it isn’t really paying off. Here are some of the information that we have gathered from the community:

  • The Ghost Style’s M1s moves deal below-average damage, making it weaker compared to more common styles. The speed of your moves isn’t the fastest and can be dodgeable by your opponents.
  • Ghost’s M2: The charged attack move is quite predictable and your opponents can react with a dodge. This makes it bad for you since you have less room to use it.
  • Your Dash is relatively the same compared to Hitman, which is one of the worst dashes in the game. Since you have low dash i-frames, your opponents can easily land their combos on you. This means that you should only use backward and forward dashes.
  • Ghost Jab Ability: The ability takes nearly half of your stamina bar, making it very inefficient in terms of stamina usage. With a high stamina cost, you can rarely do any combos without running out of stamina. Even for a high-cost move like this, you still deal relatively low damage (same as a normal M1).
  • Block: Your block is the same has Hawk, with the difference being that you can block one more M1. Overall, this block is quite decent for you to use.
  • Playstyle: Due to the high stamina cost of your Ghost Jab ability, you should only play passively. Otherwise, you’ll waste stamina and your opponents can make use of that disadvantage.

That’s your Tier List in Roblox Untitled Boxing Game with some discussions regarding the Reworked Ghost’s Styles. The developers are still listening to the community and there may be potential changes to the Style to make it more viable.

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