Beyond Light Step 20 Guide – Destiny 2

An instruction from Shawhan. Who is our target?

In the previous articles we have covered Step 18 and Step 19, now it is a detailed account of Step 20. Contained here is an explanation on what you need to do to complete this step.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Step 20 Guide

After Step 19 in Beyond, where Zavala sends you to find out what Eramis intentions are, go to the Cosmodrome at The Steppes. The Steppes will be your landing zone.

When you are at the location get off the platform and in front of you, on the right will be Shawhan.

He will let you know that Eramis is planing to recruit old friends from the House of Devils. She also brought her trusted sergeant, Bakris with her.

He will then tell you that your next step is to locate Bakris and dissect Devils before he leaves for Europe. Here you will have to defeat the Fallen Cosmodrome.

Basically for this step, Shawhan will give you the much-needed information for the next, Step 21.

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