Black Clover M: All Stats Explained (Speed, Mobility, Endurance & More)

Knowing is half the battle.

Black Clover M: All Stats Explained (Speed, Mobility, Endurance & More) Featured Image

Black Clover M as a turn-based strategy game can get really complex with all sorts of stats that players will need to keep an eye out for. Each character has their unique stat points that makes them suitable for different types of roles. 

Understanding these stats will help you understand how to use these characters for the best possible outcome. To help you understand them, we will be explaining all stats in the game and show you how they work in the grand scheme of things. Let’s get into it.

All Stats Explained

Many Stats in the game actually work hand in hand, with one stat usually opposing another Stat. We will be going through each of these sets one by one, starting from the basics.


Quite a few players can get confused by the presence of both ATK and MATK, since both are Stats that directly translate into damage. The difference really lies in the type of character.

Characters that rely on magic will have higher MATK, as this is the stat off which their Damage scales.

For example, consider Noelle, whose skills only revolve around MATK. If she has a Skill in which she does physical damage, it will scale off ATK, which is really low, so it won’t do much damage.

Noelle's Special Skill in Black Clover M.

On the other hand, Season 1 Asta is a brawler type character that does not use any magic. His skills also only use ATK, which is why he has 0 MATK. You will also find characters like S1 Yami that rely on both their MATK and ATK.

Asta ATK and MATK Stats in Black Clover M.

Accuracy & Damage Resistance

Damage Resistance is a Stat that allows you to resist up to 30% damage from an enemy. The higher this stat is, the closer you will be to this 30%.

Noelle DMG RES Stats in Black Clover M.

Accuracy is a stat that basically counters Damage Resistance. The more Accuracy your character has, the more chance your attack will have to ignore the enemy’s damage resistance. So, if you have high damage, single shot skills, you want that character to have high ACC.

For example, Julius can deal a lot of damage with his extremely strong Special Skill. With high ACC Stats, your damage will be maximized – which is why so many players want to counter Julius in PVP. In general, you want your characters to have high ACC in PvP battles.

Julius Special Skill in Black Clover M.

Crit Stats

There are three Crit Stats. Here is what each of them does:

  • CRIT Rate
    • This Stat dictates the chance that your character has to deal CRIT damage
    • This Stat dictates the amount of Crit Damage your character does IF a Crit has been initiated. It stacks from the character’s ATK and MATK.
    • This Stat dictates how much you can reduce the chances of a Crit being initiated by the enemy.

So, CRIT plays an essential role in dealing damage. For example, Noelle has a very high MATK, but her chances of dealing CRIT is very low.

So, in most cases, that CRIT will not get initiated and deal damage. On the other hand, Mars has a very high CRIT DMG, but his ATK itself is very low.

So, even if his CRIT will usually land, he won’t really be able to do much damage since his base MATK and ATK are low.

Captain Jack can also be a powerful attacker when used right – since many of his skills revolve around CRIT stats.

Mars CRIT Stats in Black Clover M.

Endurance & Penetration

Endurance and Penetration are yet two more Stats that oppose each other. Penetration refers to the chance your character has to ignore the enemy’s Defense. So, the higher your Penetration is, the higher chance there will be to ignore that Defense.

On the other hand, Endurance is basically the chance for you to reduce or resist penetration. It is not the same as Defense, but rather a Stat that opposes Penetration directly.

Noelle Penetration and Endurance Stats in Black Clover M.

Speed & Mobility

Speed and Mobility are two extremely important Stats that actually complement each other. A lot of players get confused by them, as they both sound like the same thing. In essence, Speed dictates how fast you are able to regain Mobility.

On the other hand, Mobility dictates how many turns your character can have. This can be a little confusing so let’s consider a situation in which two characters have the same Mobility. 

If one character has higher Speed, then their turn will come before the other, because they’ll get their Mobility back first.

Mobility Bars indicated during battle in Black Clover M.

This is why Mobility and Speed are crucial factors, as they can allow you to get more turns faster than your opponent. In PvP especially, many players tend to use characters that can manipulate these Stats. 

For example, Lotus’s Special Skill reduces SPD by an extremely high percentage, making him a useful asset to your team. So, make sure you are always keeping an eye on your Mobility gauge. We also have a whole guide on Nebra – another incredibly powerful Debuffer.

Lotus Special Skill in Black Clover M.

Buff Types Information

Buffs play a crucial role in the game, as they are effects that basically manipulate a character’s Stats. Now that you are familiar with how the Stats work, we recommend that you also familiarize yourself with Buff Types.

You can actually get a detailed helpful guide on them in the game itself. Start by clicking the Question Mark (?) icon in the Manage Mages section.

Question Mark Icon indicated in Black Clover M.

Here, you will find a detailed guide that goes over all the Mechanics in the game. You want to click on the Battle Tab, where you can navigate to Buff Types in the long list. Doing so will show you all the Buff Types in the game.

They will give you a good idea of how your characters can manipulate the opponent’s Stats, and allow you to win your battles in Arenas!

Buff Types Guide in Black Clover M.

That’s everything you need to know about understanding all the Stats in Black Clover M. Hopefully, this will help you notice the small details in your Arena battles and allow you to win your fights. Remember, everything in the game revolves around Stats, and your goal is to use your tools to take the most advantage of your characters’ Stats.

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