Black Clover M: Complete Leopold Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

How do you take advantage of this fiery red attacker?

Black Clover M is a mobile game based on the widely popular anime and manga series of the same name, and it features a diverse cast of characters that you can collect and use.

In this guide, we will be going over the abilities of Leopold Vermillion and some tips on how you can properly utilize him if you ever manage to pull him.

Complete Leopold Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

Leopold is a red attacker who specializes in inflicting damage over time effects on enemies and sustaining himself with multiple sources of lifesteal. Here are his abilities:

  • Crimson Flame – Leopold fires a ball of flame that deals damage and heals him for around half of the amount dealt.
  • Flame Burst – This ability hits three enemies and will deal up to 30% bonus damage based on his remaining health. It also has a chance of inflicting Burn on each target.
  • Spiral Flame – Leopold shoots a tornado that will deal bonus damage if the enemy is affected by Burn. It also heals him for a small amount.
  • Combined Attack – This combined move will deal 30% more damage if an enemy is suffering from a status effect.
  • Enhanced Passive – Increases his damage dealt by 5%. Enhancing him may be worth it if you really like this character.
  • Unique Passive – Leopold will deal slightly more damage to enemies affected by Burn.
Black Clover M leopold gameplay

Skill Page & Equipment Sets

Although his signature skill page has a nice bonus of adding extra chances to inflict Burn on enemies, the passive on it is not particularly great due to how it scales off his HP, which you won’t really be focusing on.

Instead, the ideal choices for him are Respectable Rival or Breath of Darkness (easier to acquire), as these will more reliably increase his damage.

Black Clover M skill page leopold

For his items, basically just increase his attack and magic attack stats. For the specific sets, you can opt for the following to boost his overall DPS:

  • Two pieces of Ancient Mage’s Relics – Increases both of his attack stats.
  • Two pieces of Nature’s Wonders – Increases penetration by a decent amount.
  • Two pieces of Ominous Gear – Significantly increases both of his attack stats as well.
Black Clover M gear set

Talent Trees

For his talents, under the attack category, select Increased ATK and Sharp Mind for a decent overall DPS boost.

Under defense, keep it simple with Increased DEF and Endurance. As for support, just choose between Mage’s Blessing and Swiftness on top of Increased DMG RES.

Black Clover M talents

Possible Team Setups

One fairly decent, though strictly only for PVE, setups you can have for Leopold is to basically pair him up with other characters that inflict or benefit from Burn, such as the following:

  • Leopold – Deals more damage against burning enemies.
  • FuegoleonJust like Leopold, he deals more damage when enemies are affected by Burn.
  • Fana Can help you consistently apply Burn to enemies.
  • Charmy (Swimsuit) Will help keep the team alive with her powerful heals, since the group will have no tank or other means of support.

Unfortunately, he is not really a good choice for PVP due to the current meta. However, if you really want to use him there, you can sub in Valtos over Fana and have Kahono as your healer.

Valtos will basically just continue applying speed bonuses to your team to help you get the upper hand early, while Kahono will be providing some essential buffs on top of her healing and barrier.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M team setup for leopold

And that is pretty much how you can fully utilize Leopold in Black Clover M. He is not a particularly popular character at the moment, but he is far from being useless, so feel free to slot him into your teams if you really like him!

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