Black Clover M: Best PVP Meta Teams Guide

Make sure you go for the right characters to win more easily!

Black Clover M: Best PVP Meta Teams Guide

Black Clover M isn’t all about PvE content, fighting monsters, and obtaining items, but also PvP. Some characters in the game are designed to excel at PvP and some will be designed for PvE purposes.

This is why you should form teams that work well for your desired goal, either PvE or PvP. In this guide, we will show you some of the PvP Meta Teams you can use.

Best PVP Meta Teams Guide

Two of the most used characters in PvP are Noelle and Julius. There are many team comps that are designed around these two characters.

  • Julius, Noelle (Swimsuit), Valtos, William.
  • Julius, Noelle (Swimsuit), Rhya, William.
  • Julius, Noelle (Swimsuit), Valtos, Rades.

Julius excels at dealing single-target damage, especially his ultimate ability. This is the ability that you want to prioritize upgrading. Single-target is extremely great in PvP since if you manage to take one hero on the enemy team out, you will be able to prevent a lot of their potential.

Noelle is a character that prioritizes using the ATK stat. She can increase her attacks’ damage even further if she has a buff active on her, making her great with other supports. She can also offer team ATK buffs, increasing the damage of Julius even further.

Black Clover M: Best PVP Meta Teams Image Julius Noelle Summer Valtos William

For support options, you can consider using Valtos, William, Rades or Rhya. It depends on what characters you have upgraded.

Before starting a fight, remember to also view the enemy team’s comp so you choose the right support characters to counter them.

  • Valtos has great stamina regeneration buffs and crit rate buffs that can benefit Julius and Noelle greatly. His passive applies 5% [Reduced Damage Taken] when being attacked by a Debuffer. This makes him great against Debuffer supports on the enemy team.
  • William is an extremely great support with ATK%, SPD, and PEN Buffs for your team. If you are looking for a support to get for both PvP and PvE content, go with him.
  • If you want more damage, consider adding Rhya to your team. He gains extra ATK depending on how many active buffs he has. Once he has a number of buffs, he can nuke the enemy easily.
  • Rades Spirito is a great Defender character that can increase the DEF of your entire team. He can also apply Taunt effects, preventing the enemy from hitting your important members.
Black Clover M: Best PVP Meta Teams Image Julius Noelle Summer Valtos William in combat

Those are some of the PvP Meta Teams that you can use in Black Clover M. The teams revolve around Julius and Noelle, so you want to find the right buffs for these two as your main damage characters.

There are many support heroes in the game that offer various buffs and debuffs, so experiment and figure out what’s best for your teams!

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