Humankind: How to Claim a Wonder

The pyramids in Giza won’t compare with yours!

The Pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Artemis, the Stonehenge and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are some of the wonders you can create in the newly released, turn based strategy game, Humankind. And of course you want to build these beauties and bask in the glory of ancient architecture. But how exactly do you do it? Here is an easy guide that will show any beginner how to claim and build wonders in Humankind!

How To Claim A Wonder – Humankind

So, know that to build a wonder, you first have to claim it. If you claim it, nobody else can build it, so there is no rush to build it once it’s been claimed.

You can’t do this if you haven’t built a city yet, so don’t jump the horse and tru to build wonders when you don’t even have houses…

To claim a wonder, you have to click the button shown below and then click the “Show Unclaimed Wonders” button. That will show you all the wonders you can build at that point in time.

Most of them will cost around 250 influence to claim. After you’ve looked at their stats and saw which one attracts you the most, hit the claim button and it will be yours to build.

If you don’t have enough influence and don’t know how to get that much, here is how you can get it with the help of another guide.

To build it, just select a city and you’ll see it in your buildings menu. Click it and build it wherever you want to.

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