Black Clover M: Complete Julius Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

How should you set up this new attacker unit?

Black Clover M has a lot of characters that you can pull for with its built in gacha mechanic, and the developers constantly add new units and variants of existing ones over time.

Among the latest additions to the game is Julius, who is quite a powerhouse as a DPS character with a lot of utility. Here is how you should be building him!

Complete Julius Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

Julius is a blue attacker unit with insane damage and debuff potential. This is due to how his abilities prevent enemies from using their abilities or simply stunning them completely. Here is his kit:

  • Accelerating Bullet – Decreases an enemy’s stamina. On a critical hit, this ability also grants his team extra stamina.
  • Distorted Time – This ability has a 50% chance of disabling the target’s Skill 2 for two turns, and it increases his speed temporarily.
  • Chrono Stasis – Stuns his target and decreases their stamina by 20%. If this ability kills the target, Julius gains an extra turn.
  • Combined Attack – Decreases an enemy’s stamina and deals increased damage if he has a buff on him.

In addition to these abilities, he also has a passive skill that allows him to revive himself on death with 45% of his maximum health once per battle, making him incredibly annoying to fight.

Black Clover M julius

Skill Pages & Talents

The absolute best skill page for Julius is his signature one, which is Pride of the Wizard King. Not only does it increase his overall damage, but it also significantly boosts his ability to reduce the enemy team’s stamina.

Alternative choices can be pretty much any page that increases all attack or critical rate, as he is a DPS character who can capitalize on these stats.

Black Clover M julius skill page

For his talents, the best choice for the attack category will be to simply increase his magic damage stats. A good alternative is to boost his critical damage as well.

As for defense and support talents, prioritize increasing his defense stats and speed. The node that increases defense per wave is especially useful in PVE content as it will improve his survivability.

Black Clover M talents

Gear Sets

Due to how his skills work, you will want to focus on gear that increases magic attack, as well as speed and critical damage.

For sub stats, try to get even more critical rate or damage. He does a ton of burst damage, so you want him to be able to obliterate foes every time he goes through his skills.

Black Clover M julius gear

Team Setup

When it comes to how you should setup your team with Julius, basically just pair him up with a strong healer and shield generator. This will boost his already high survivability to the point where his passive may not even be needed.

If you have them, he absolutely goes well with two other new characters, Charmy [Swimsuit] and Noelle [Swimsuit].

This composition, along with an extra buff generating unit like William Vangeance, will be able to both deal and take a lot of punishment with ease.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M julius in PVP

And that is all you need to know about Julius, including his ideal gear and team setup. He is an incredibly strong nuking character, and with the right composition, he can easily carry you through a lot of PVE and PVP content.

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