Black Clover M: Complete Valtos Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

Don’t mess with this man, he’s a beast.

Black Clover M: Complete Valtos Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents Featured Image

Black Clover M is a fun, officially licensed mobile gacha game that is getting more and more updates as time goes on. Many players are having fun with the game as it adds more content and beloved characters from the franchise as time goes on.

If you are thinking of trying new characters like Valtos, then you need to learn everything about him in order to understand how he works and what he offers in a team.

In this guide, I will show you how Valtos operates and what kind of character he is in the game.

Complete Valtos Guide & Build


Valtos is an SR Sense character. Like most characters, he has 4 skills to use in the game. As a Supporter character, his skills will cater to being good in assisting his allies in the team.

He will not be able to do any debuffing like some Supporter characters, so don’t count on him to do much besides assisting his allies.

Valtos’ skills in Black Clover M.

Here are the skills you will be using as Valtos:

  • Enhanced Magic Bullet
    • Fires a magic bullet, dealing damage to an enemy.
      • Applies 10% [Increased Stamina] to an ally with the lowest Stamina.
  • Space Creation
    • Creates a space in the allies’ territory and applies a buff to all allies.
      • Applies [Increased M. ATK Lv. 3] to a designated ally for 2 turn(s).
      • Has a 50% chance of applying [Block Stamina Reduction] to an ally for 1 turn(s).
      • Applies [Increased ACC Lv. 3] to all allies for 2 turn(s). (Exclusive to the enhanced version)
  • Myriad Black
    • Fires several unpredictable magical bullets through numerous spaces, dealing damage to all enemies.
      • Applies 20% [Increased Stamina] to all allies.
  • Combined Attack
    • Applies a buff to your partner.
      • Applies [Increased CRIT Rate Lv. 5] to your partner’s attack.
      • Has a 50% chance of applying 10% [Increased Stamina] to your partner.


As Valtos is a Supporter, the most important thing for him is to survive the entire fight while being fast enough to keep buffing his allies.

With that in mind, his gear must have an emphasis with DEF and Speed. High DEF and Speed gear are important to keep Valtos alive and allow him to buff his allies and make moves before the enemy does.

With the limited number of gear slots in the game and with gear coming in different sizes depending on the rarity, we’ll have to go with 3 UR Speed gear and 3 LR DEF gear.

While DEF is important, Speed takes priority so that Valtos will be able to make the first move in any fight. LR DEF gear is enough to keep him alive.  

High DEF and Speed gear in Black Clover M.


Similar to his gear, we will want Valtos to be able to withstand powerful attacks to stay alive while also being an effective support character. To do this, we will need to select the following Talents for him to use:

  • Attack Talents
    • Sharp Mind – [DMG Dealt] +5%
    • Increased CRIT DMG – CRIT DMG +10%
  • Defense Talents
    • Increased DEF – DEF +20%
    • Endurance – Grants DEF +4% and CRIT RES +2% at the start of a wave (stacks up to 5 times)
  • Support Talents
    • Increased DMG RES – Grants a SP +1 buff upon having less than 2 SP(s) at the start of a turn
    • Mage’s Blessing – At the start of the turn, there is a 20% chance to apply the [Skill II] [Cool time reduced by 1 turn] buff
Talents tree in Black Clover M.

Skill Pages & Teams

As Valtos is a Supporter character, he won’t be able to make use of a lot of the Skill Pages in the game. In fact, there are 2 Skill Pages that actually work well with Valtos. Two of these Skill Pages are SR Skill Pages, and one of them is actually his own Skill Page.

Here are the Skill Pages Valtos can use to be efficient:

  • Cultist’s Retribution
    • Applies 5/20% [Increased Stamina] to yourself upon using a “Special Skill.”
  • Mysterious Ancient Book
    • Applies 7/12% [Increased Damage] to yourself.

As for Valtos’ teams, he is actually does quite well when paired with the following characters in the game:

Best Skill Pages for Valtos in Black Clover M.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

That’s all you need to know about Valtos’ kit and ideal build in Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand how this character works and what you should build him as? Let us know in the comments below.

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