Black Clover M: Complete William Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

How should you be building the Captain of the Golden Dawn?

Black Clover M is a game that features a diverse cast of characters taken directly from the anime series that inspired it.

Among them is William Vangeance, who is a support character with a relatively high rarity that you can roll for with the game’s built-in gacha mechanics. If you’re lucky enough to have him, here is how you should build him!

Complete William Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

As stated earlier, William is a support unit whose main purpose is to sit in the sidelines while constantly buffing his teammates in varying ways. His kit is the following:

  • Twisted Roots – Attacks one target for a small amount of damage with a chance of disabling them for one turn.
  • The Beating of the Magic Tree – Boosts an ally’s attack and speed for two turns, with a chance of granting bonus stamina as well.
  • Magic Tree Arrival – Grants Fortify to all allies, which temporarily reduces how much damage they take from any source. The teammate with the highest attack also gets a single turn of counterattack.
  • Combined Attack – In addition to attacking, William and his partner will get bonus Defense Penetration.
  • Unique Passive – Gives the entire team one turn of Fortify after using a special skill.
  • Enhanced Passive – Small chance of getting increased mobility after taking damage.
Black Clover M william

Skill Page

The ideal skill page for William is his signature The Captain’s Condemnation. It will add a healing component to his second skill that will target whoever currently has the lowest HP in the team.

It also grants any ally targeted with The Beating of the Magic Tree with one turn of debuff immunity, making it great for countering enemies who focus a lot on crowd control.

Other alternatives if you don’t have it include the Moonlight Necklace or Cunning Commander, with the latter being the better option specifically for survivability.

Black Clover M captain's condemnation

Gear Setup

As William currently has the highest speed among all the characters in the game, it is best to capitalize on this by making him even faster with the help of the right equipment.

Because of this, a great option would be the Secret of the Deep Sea set, which grants two different speed buffs. You could also opt for a defense set if you find that he is lacking in survivability.

Having more dupes will also increase his speed, further ensuring that he goes first at all times no matter what.

Black Clover M deep sea set

Talent Setup

For his talents, you can choose pretty much anything under the attack tree as it has little to no effect on how useful he is going to be. If you had to choose, focus on increasing his critical chance.

For the defense tree, focus on the nodes that grant defense to maximize his passive survivability. As for the support nodes, switch between Swiftness for PVE content and Mage’s Blessing for PVP. Pair one of those two with even more damage resistance.

Black Clover M talents

Team Setup

The ideal team setup for William is to place him in a well-rounded group that can cover all the roles. A debuffer like Lotus, a defender like Mars, and someone like Yami (either version of him) to deal damage will work wonders.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M blue team

And that is pretty much how you can best make use of William in Black Clover M. He is a top tier support unit that can fit in with pretty much any team that is lacking a buffer, so you should definitely try to get him as soon as possible!

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