Black Clover M: Guide To Get 4 Gear Substats You Want

Learn a vital gear-grinding technique.

Black Clover M: Guide To Get 4 Gear Substats You Want Featured Image

No more crying, praying, and struggling for gear substats in Black Clover M, at least, you’ll be crying less. Because a recent update to the Global release will allow players to reroll substats for your gears. No more flat DEF stats on your Julius’ set!

Substats are the only random variables that can change your team’s performance. But until the recent update, the best thing we can do is grind and pray for the substats. No more, now we can really max out at least a couple of our key gears in the game.

We’re going to share all the tips to rerolling your gears and making optimum use of the new rare resource.

How To Get The Substats You Want On All 4-Gear

For those who’ve been keeping up with the feature from the JP release would’ve known about the Normal Gear Sub-Stat Changing Stone. This is a relatively new feature to the game for both Global and JP players.

And thanks to these stones, your Leopold can now have the ATK substat he needs instead of DEF. And Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion shall have his MATK substats.

Currently, the Bingo Event and the Shop are where you can get some of the stones. The latter costs roughly $20 a pack depending on which region you’re currently in.

There are also better stones, but currently we only have the normal-grade stones.

Black Clover M Normal Gear Sub-Stat Changing Stone

Normal-grade stones change all the substats with unlimited changes. Above this is the mid-grade stone which allows you to lock 1 substat and reroll the others with 50 attempts. With the highest grade, you can lock 2 substats and reroll 1 with 30 attempts.

Here are some tips on how to spend your stones wisely:

  • Keep up with the events to get Gear Sub-Stat Changing Stones for free.
  • Shop currently offers 10 Normal Gear Sub-Stat Changing Stones for 50 Black Crystals each, but we don’t recommend getting these unless you really have crystals to spare.
  • If you don’t already have 2 good substats, use the normal grade stone to get at least 2 good substats. Then use the highest-grade stone to reroll the final substat.
  • If you have 1 good substat, save for when mid-grade stone is out.
  • Mid-grade stones can also be converted to lower or higher tier stones in the future.

And hopefully with these tips, you can make the best out of your Gear Sub-Stat Changing Stones to get all 4 substats that you want on your gear. Good luck, you’ll need it!

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