Blade Ball: Complete Dragon Update Guide & Info

Everything you’ll need to know about the Dragon Update!

In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, Blade Ball, is kicking the year with amazing surprises that awaits us! This new update has tons of awesome stuff that you can get without spending your robux! Isn’t that great?

So, sit back and continue reading as I will guide you to this exciting new update of Blade Ball, where dragons meet dodgeball. Get ready to level up your playstyle and slain those opponents in a blink of an eye!

Dragon Update Guide & Info

A mythical creature has landed into the battleground as these dragons will hunt you merciless. Are you ready to dodge a ball that is not coming towards you? Sounds confusing right? Because with this new update, players who have dragons on their side will be your nightmare!

This new update brings us a brand new ability which by the way I heard was INSANE. As well as element training event, lunar spin wheel, new swords, new emotes and so much more.

Lunar New Year Event 2024 in Blade Ball.

Spin the Wheel this Lunar New Year!

We got this new Lunar New Year Event. This new event is actually so cool since you have an option to open envelopes and don’t spend that much Robux to claim rewards. So, here is a quick tour for the tabs we got open envelopes, shops, win passes and daily rewards.

A quick tour: Open Envelopes, Shops, Win Passes & Daily Rewards

  • Open Envelopes Here you can use the new curries to spin and get some awesome envelopes. Hopefully you can get a golden one which contains the new ability called the Dragon’s Spirit.
Lunar New Year Shop in Blade Ball.

Blade Ball Unique Swords Lunar New Year Event
  • SHOP – This is the place where you can spend all of your currencies. Buy a Lantern glow, some Lunar crates which you can get different types of new lunar swords and even get the new emotes such as showing some actions through the Tai Chai and Lotus Meditation which is actually cool if you want to meditate while dodging those balls.
Win Pass in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event
  • Win Pass – By purchasing the win pass, every game that you win you can continuously receive an equivalent amount of new currencies and get up to the total of 3,750. This is a great deal and option for those who are trying to get new currency in a quicker way. I really recommend this one.
1 winClaim 250 Dragon Currencies
3 winsClaim 500 Dragon Currencies
8 winsClaim 750 Dragon Currencies
15 winsClaim 1,000 Dragon Currencies
25 winsClaim 1,250 Dragon Currencies
  • Daily Rewards – Log in for a total of 7 days and obtain different rewards. For the Free rewards you can get more currencies but if you unlock the Exclusive Rewards for 799 robux you can get new swords, new explosions and for the final reward you can get a cute and adorable emote like the Ramen Shake.
Daily Rewards Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event

Aside from the opening of envelopes, we also have a Lunar Spin Wheel which is a great option for those who have some extra coins! You can get awesome prizes. Try your luck this Chinese New Year and get that Lunar Fan!

Lunar Spin Wheel and Rewards in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event

The New Blade Ball Ability

Next, we have the brand new ability is actually OP it is called the Dragon’s Spirit. Basically, a player uses this ability by summoning a dragon that chases the ball and changes the direction of the target.

For more details, make sure to check out my dedicated guide on the new Dragon’s Spirit Ability & Character!

Dragon's Spirit New Ability in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event.

New update means New Element in Town!

Another update is the Element Training Event. Where can you see this one? Look around the lobby and you can see the training guy over there.

Element Training Event in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event

This is actually a limited time mode that is available from February 10 to 29 only. By completing this limited time quest, you can earn extra XP to unlock the mega reward which is the Dragon Element.

Quests in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event

Free Dragon Character (Permanent)

This event is really fun as you can get a free permanent Dragon character. Sounds exciting right? So basically, you will get daily missions here and once you complete them your progress bar will move up until you claim the main reward which is the dragon! And the other rewards you can get are the following:

Free Permanent Dragon Character in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event
100 dragon currenciesMore currencies to spend on the Lunar Spin Wheel!
Premium cratesHmmm what could be inside those crates?
150 dragon currenciesYay! More currencies equals more chance of getting the new ability!
Fire breathing emoteThis is actually a cool emote. I love how the effects come together on this one. It’s really like a dragon spitting some fire.
DragonI can´t wait to wear those while dodging some balls.

Knock them out with these NEW Lunar Swords

These are the new Lunar Swords in town that can breathe fire into the battleground.

  • Dragon’s Lunar Requiem
  • Spring Blade
  • Scion’s Grasp
Lunar Swords in Blade Ball Lunar New Year Event

New Limited Time Bundles are here!        

By the way, aside from this awesome Lunar New Year update, the developers also created something for us to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day which are these cute and hearty limited time bundles!

LOVE BLADEIt shoots little mini hearts in the game which is very cute!
CUPID’S BOWIt has a cool hit animation that shoots a cupid bow accompanied by outstanding sound effects.
LUNAR PARASOLI love how the umbrella opens while you block those balls.

And that’s it for the Blade Ball Dragon Update of 2024. So, what are you waiting for? Go play the game and catch those balls on fire like a dragon would do! 

Up next, why not check where your favorite ability stands? Here’s our Tier List for the Best Abilities in Blade Ball – where we ranked them from best to worst!


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