Dysmantle: Continental Dinner Key Location | Endless Trash Quest

How to Find Continental Dinner Key Location

Some quests are heavier than others. Some quests may take you longer to find in Dysmantle. Such can be said to be Continental Dinner Key Location quest. 10tons Studios – Dysmantle’s developers have done a good job with the linear curve of the increasing complexity in quests.

Continental Dinner Key Location – Dysmantle

So, how to find the key? Start the quest by going to the Continental Diner.

When you start the quest you have a message that says they want to find the family recipe. The recipe is locked in a locker room and if you want to find it you have to follow the trash.

Now go in the back alley of the Continental Diner and you will find a trail of where you should go. Check the garbage bags when you find the trail it will direct you to explore the garbage near the pond, north of the Continental Diner.

Go to the place north of the Continental Diner near the pond and here you will find a trail, explore the tractor tire.

The next step will be to dig the green ground between the piles of garbage. It is located southwest of old Chalice at the rock passages.

When you get here be careful you just have to kill the monster. Then dig the green ground and go to unlock the locker in Continental Diner.

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