Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

Lots of exciting things to see!

Christmas is quickly approaching, so it is no surprise that Blade Ball players received a festive new Christmas update! This new update comes with a new event, clone ability, and a bunch of other exciting things.

Therefore, we are here to inform you of everything fresh that is included in this update. Let’s not waste any time and get to our Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide right now!

If you are looking for a specific feature, feel free to take a look at the table of contents below.

New Clone Ability & Christmas Update

In the Christmas update of Blade Ball, there are a lot of new things added to the game. Before we begin to explain each of them, take a look at the list below to see what is new.

  • December Rewards
  • Infinity Ability
  • Serpent Event & Serpent Ability
  • Winter Spin
  • Clan Feature
  • Winter Season Pass

December Rewards

With the addition of a new Christmas event, every player who logs in to the game for the remainder of the month will receive a new reward. These rewards include:

  • Christmas Spin
  • Winter Spin
  • Sci-Fi Spin
  • New emotes
  • Explosion crates
  • Quantum Arena free trial
  • Frostbite Blade
Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

You are going to start receiving Christmas Spins on the second day. By using these spins, you are going to have a chance of getting various rewards, including the new weapon, Glacial Hunter.

Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

Infinity Ability

You will have the opportunity to play an event that will grant you the Infinity Ability by signing in to the game during particular times of the day. Luckily, the hours are not so rare, and the event happens every hour of the day.

Infinity Ability

All you have to do to win the ability is take part in a standard Blade Ball game. It appears that you can acquire the ability without winning the game.

To obtain the ability, all you have to do is take part in the event for four hours consecutive. After that, you will finish the streak and gain the Infinity Ability.

Since the ability can be gained without winning the game, we can say that it is easier to get this one.


Serpent Event & Serpent Ability

The Serpent Event is a new game mode that requires you to team up with a group of other players and try to defeat the Serpent together.

Your team of people should at least have 4 players. The event will not start otherwise. A fresh game will begin every 30 minutes until Sunday, December 10, 2023.

Serpent Event

The event has different phases, it starts with a fairly easy stage where you only need to block the attacks of the Serpent and try to hit it with the ball.

In the second stage, you have to attempt to damage the serpent while attempting to avoid the waves of laser he is unleashing. Then, this will continue until you finally defeat it.

For more information about this event and tips about how to win it, you can check out our Blade Ball: How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event To Unlock Serpent Shadow Clones guide!

Upon winning the event, you are going to get the new Serpent Shadow Clone ability. This power will allow you to summon a clone to fight with you as your sidekick.

Beating the Serpent Event might be difficult, but we can say that unlocking this new clone ability definitely worths your time.

Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

Winter Spin

On the left side of the lobby, you are going to see that you can spin the Winter Spin to get a new weapon.

By spinning this 50 times, you are guaranteed to get the Blaster. However, this spin requires you to pay Robux. If you are lucky enough, you might get the weapon with fewer tries.

Other than the Blaster, the Winter Spin has two new weapons.

  • Titan Blade: Go into a mode where your massive, glistening golden sword is your weapon.
    • With this ability, your parry hitboxes are greatly increased, and you make the ball faster with each swing!
  • Death Slash: At your fingertips, the strength of a thousand suns.
Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

New Clan Feature

From now on, the players will have the chance to create their own clans or join the existing ones. In order to create a clan, you are going to use coin points.

After creating it, you can invite your friends to join your clan and earn experience points together with them. If you do not have enough coin points, you can purchase them from the Shop as well.

Joining a clan can provide players with special advantages. The rewards that can be claimed improve with increasing clan level.

If you have a large number of friends, we advise you to start your own clan since it will grant you complete authority over the community.


Winter Season Pass

You can unlock the following swords, explosions, and emotes by progressing through the battle pass:


  • Arctic Edge
  • Glacier Shard
  • Glacial Scythe
  • Ice Dagger
  • Dual Frost Saber


  • Frost Dragon Beam
  • Icarus Fall
  • Heavenly Barrier
  • Frost Trap
  • Smoke Screen
  • Avalanche
  • Rainbow Frost
  • Polar Explosion
  • Blinding Frost
  • Hungry Shadows


  • Penguin Dance
  • Make it rain
  • Snowglobe

By collecting Glacial Scythe, Ice Dagger, and Titan Blade, you can get the Death Slash ability as well.

Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

Winter Maps & Sci-Fi Collection

There are two new winter maps that you can play on in this new update. These are:

  • Polar Express
  • Winter Countryside

Also, you can now complete a Sci-Fi collection by collecting the following items:

  • Plasma Blaster
  • Laser Twinblade
  • Dual Plasma Blasters

New finishers that appear after winning a showdown can be unlocked as well.

  • Blaster finisher
  • Dual Twinblade finisher
  • Dual Blaster finisher
Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide

This is it for our Blade Ball: New Clone Ability & Christmas Update Guide. We hope that this guide helped you see everything new in the new update. Which feature is your favorite? Feel free to share your opinions by leaving a comment below or ask anything if you have any further questions.

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