Dying Light 2: Jack & Joe’s Camp Airdrop Unknown Location

Get ready to jump a lot to claim the resources from this airdrop!

Loots and resources are scarce when it comes to Dying Light 2. However, you can find airdrops all over the map that can give you the necessary resources for survival. This guide will show you where you can find the airdrop in Jack and Joe’s Camp.

Jack and Joe’s Airdrop Location – Dying Light 2

In the Horshoe area, you will find an unknown airdrop that you can loot for resources. This airdrop is a military airdrop THB,  and looting this can give you experience and resources.

Start by going to the northern part of the Horseshoe area in the map below.

You will find a building called Office Plaza, head towards it but turn left when you get past the gate. Climb the roof next to the blue tent then jump down. On your right, you should see a pillar with ledges near the blue flag.

Climbing this will bring you to the upper floor. When you reach the upper floor, turn left and then head north when you reach the fork. Keep heading north, jumping across the platform and the air conditioner sticking out from the building.

You will find a building with a yellow flag sticking out of it. Climb it then turn right, climbing on the roof and heading north. You will see wooden planks leading across the building so cross it and jump over the red platforms.

Follow the red platforms until you see an opening to your right. Head north then turn left, you will see a yellow wooden plank that leads back outside. Keep following the red platforms, use the yellow bars to jump across the gaps.

In the end, you should see a series of air conditioners and a pillar that can act as a ladder to the roof. The airdrop is on the roof to your left.

Open the yellow crate to get a Sniper Mask and Maintenance Materials.

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