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Bleach Revival Game in Roblox.

A new game has been getting a lot of attention lately in the world of Roblox, and yes, it’s Bleach Revival. Having the name stay as it is rather than calling it something similar like Peroxide is a bold move. But we’re not here today to skirt around copyright, you specifically, are here to learn more about the game.

What does the game have to offer? Is the progression any different? Will it even have a story? How far into the game can you get? All of that will be answered as we show you the ropes once more in thie Bleach Revival Beginner’s guide!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

The game will start with you at school, so right off the bat everyone’s already miserable. That all changes in a matter of minutes when a Hollow decides to attack you on the school grounds. Moments before this happens, you’ll get to choose three paths before you begin your story.

This doesn’t matter that much yet if we’re talking about the story since you’ll be getting all of your quest from one person anyway. You’ll still get to experience the progression in different ways depending on which path you choose.

We’ll be covering the basics before you get started. Later on, you can check out our guide on how to obtain Shikai if you feel like you can branch out on your own!

Bleach Revival Schoolgrounds Path Selection

Selecting Your Path

The story will play out normally with a few differences here and there. What you need to do first before leaving the school is to choose what race you want to play as.

After that, you’ll be asked to select your Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Reiatsu based talents. Finish that and your first objective will be to defeat the Hollow that ambushed you.

Bleach Revival Schoolgrounds Talent Selection

As you progress through the game, you’ll be making use of the burger icon often found at the bottom left of your screen.

This is where you’ll have access to the Game Controls, Clan Shop, Ability Shop, Robux Shop, and your Character Info.

In between those two settings, you’ll also have your game settings along with your inventory. Another thing you’ll be looking at often is your Skill Tree.

Bleach Revival Schoolgrounds Hollow

You can access this by pressing “M’ on your keyboard. Start out as a Hollow and you’ll notice that your skill tree is a tad bit smaller. That will expand later on if you ever play long enough to become an Arrancar.  

The skill tree will be split into six different sections. Choosing a set of skills will depend on your current level and talent.

Each skill will have their own requirement before they become available to you as well.

Bleach Revival Skill Tree

Other things you should be paying attention to is the amount of money you have on the bottom right. Everybody gets an unlimited amount of money for now since the game is still under development. Above that is the timer you have if you ever consumed any items that boosts your XP gain.

Lastly, everything that has something to do with your character will be on the upper left. This includes your skill wipes, another shortcut for your inventory, and wiping your character completely. Do the last option later if you want to play a different story.

Bleach Revival Schoolgrounds

Playing With The Story

Assuming that you’re still at the school, this part will have you interact with Kosuke. His name changed so that the game can stay on the official Roblox webpage longer.

You can continue the story by selecting the option on the left side of your screen. Your first (or second) mission should be to Follow the Instinct.

Bleach Revival Schoolgrounds

Following this story, no matter the race you choose, will lead you to your awakening. This means getting your Shikai, increasing your level cap, and so on. Moreover, this quest line will have you interacting with Kosuke once you get to the destination outside of the city.

For now, this will be the only thing you’ll be doing while the game is still under development.

The cycle will include doing quests or trials for Kosuke and having him do the awakening bit for you to unlock more of your abilities. But as stated before, almost everything right now is unlocked for you to play around with.

Bleach Revival Kosuke NPC

And that’s how you progress in Bleach Revival. There’s plenty more things that will change as the game gets hashed out. Try it out now and see what you’ll like to play as before any more changes happen!

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