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Bleach Revival Story Mode

Bleach Revival is well underway. With all the testers flooding the servers recently, the game finally has a decent amount of content that can be showed for public consumption. It would be no surprise that one of the many features we’ll get to see earlier on is everyone’s second form, also known as Shikai.

Bankai is still nowhere to be seen on the table, but we should be seeing that soon since this game blatantly has the Bleach name on it. For now, here’s how you can obtain your Shikai if you’re keen on starting a new adventure!

How To Obtain Shikai

Obtaining your Shikai will become available once you’ve chosen your path. There’s a ton ofways to do it in the game since you’ll be interacting with different characters.

For now, we’ll choose a Soul Reaper to keep things familiar. As you progress further into the game, you’ll meet another familiar figure named Kosuke.

Keep on doing quests for Kosuke to get more out of the story, not to mention get your Shikai. Find out about all of the Shikai right now in the game by checking out our other guide as well!

Bleach Revival Path Selection

Once you get out of the school grounds you’ll be able to track the story as you move on. Eventually you’ll get to Kosuke’s hut, this too, will be tracked in your game.

He’ll have you do quests for him in and out of the hideout as a way of measuring your capabilities.

These quests involve defeating a few hollows and running general errands. Do enough quests for Kosuke and you’ll obtain your Shikai through a bit of dialogue.

When you see him say “I’ve unlocked your potential.” you would know that you’ve already obtained your Shikai.

Bleach Revival Kosuke NPC

This gives access to a Skill Tree you can open anytime you want. Each node will have different requirements for you to unlock.

These will have you level up skills like speed, spiritual power, hado, kendo, and so on. You can do that by doing more missions for other NPCs as you play the game.

Bleach Revival Skill Tree

And that’s how you get your Shikai in Bleach Revival. Try the game out today and see if you’re story will be any different!

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