Bleach Revival: Hollow To Vastocar Progression & Guide

What if your story played out differently?

Bleach Revival Story Mode Hollow to Vastocar

Hueco Mundo is a dull place to be in Bleach Revival. New players flocking to the game would prefer walking around the world of the living because it’s nicer to look at. Luckily, you can do that without having to spend your first few hours shrouded in darkness, even if you do choose to be a Hollow!

The rest of the issue lies upon what to do next once you get out of the school. Your story will branch out from there once you’ve chosen your path. Here’s a Roblox guide on how to progress all the way to a Vastocar starting from a Hollow!

Hollow To Vastocar Progression & Guide

It’s Reiji who you need to defeat to become an Arrancar. Once you choose your path and get out of the school, you’ll get more story missions. For some reason, most of the progress you’ll make will lead you to Kosuke’s hideout.

This is the same place where you’ll be getting your Shikai as well, something we have a guide for. Don’t worry, the quests leading up to his place will be tracked, making the whole navigation process a cakewalk.

Bleach Revival Path Selection

Kosuke will have you go through a few trials once you arrive at his hideout. All of the quests are going to be a part of the main storyline. He’s your go-to person as well if you want to increase your level cap.

For now, everybody gets to be level 100 to be able to test the game properly. There are no sidequests just yet as the game is still on its first leg of development.

Bleach Revival Kosuke Story

Bleach Revival Kosuke Story

Do enough quests for Kosuke and you’ll eventually come back to the school to fight Reiji. This is the second time where you have to defeat Reiji.

Survive the fight and at the end you’ll turn into an Arrancar. No word has been said yet about how becoming a Vastocar works. If the game goes on like this, becoming a Vastocar will probably have you go through even more story missions.

Bleach Revival Arrancar

And that’s how you progress as a Hollow in Bleach Revival! Try the game now and experience what it’s like to do nothing but M1s!

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