Block Tales Chapter 2: How to Get Alternate Reality Badge

It’s actually pretty easy, so read on for more information!

Block Tales is a turn-based RPG on Roblox that gets updated with new chapters over time, and in the latest patch for the demo, we finally got a glimpse of chapter 2. Despite lacking in content at the moment, there are still lots of achievements to unlock, and in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get the Alternate Reality badge!

How to Get Alternate Reality Badge

In order to get the Alternate Reality badge, you must first progress far enough into chapter 2 until you reach the Bigfoot boss fight. You have to beat him in order to get the Iron Sword item, which is something you will need for the badge.

The Bigfoot fight is pretty straightforward. Just be ready to block in a timely manner whenever it attacks, which shouldn’t be much of an issue with how large it is and how slow its animations are.

Once it is dead, a short cutscene will play and it will drop the Iron Sword. As the tooltip suggests, it can be used to cut through dense vegetation. This is what you’ll need to do in the next step.

Block Tales player defeating the bigfoot, with the iron sword highlighted

With the Iron Sword in your hands, head on over to the ant hill and cut through the tall grass.We’ve highlighted an example of the tall grass in the image below, but breaking any of the adjacent ones will let you pass as well.

Block Tales player standing behind the tall grass, with one node highlighted

Once you make it through the tall grass, you will find the Supreme Mosquito secret boss, who you will have to defeat in order to get the badge.

It’s a fairly basic fight, and the only thing you have to keep in mind is that it will occasionally use “Call For Help”. This ability will spawn a mosquito swarm with low HP that you should deal with before attacking the boss again.

Upon beating the Supreme Mosquito, you should get a notification that you’ve acquired the Alternate Reality badge. On top of that, you will also get the Investor card, which increases the amount of TIX you get from enemies.

Block Tales player fighting the supreme mosquito boss

And that is pretty much everything you need to know in order to get this specific achievement in the demo version of the game. While you’re here, check out our guide on all the card locations in Block Tales as well so you can complete your collection!


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