The Quarry: The Final Girl Trophy / Achievement Guide | Only Kaitlyn Lives

How to get only Kaitlyn to survive!

The Quarry is a horror and very unique story-driven game. You are basically the director of a movie and all the scenario inside is created by your own decisions. Here we will talk about how you can get only Kaitlyn to survive and unlock The Final Girl trophy this way. Let’s get started.

The Final Girl Trophy / Achievement Guide | Only Kaitlyn Lives – The Quarry

You get to start working on this trophy from the very first chapter. So in Chapter 1 when Emma and Abi are talking outside a cabin, choose the Break in option.

Then you will need to examine the Bear and pick the Keep option.

Then we go all the way to Chapter 4. Here while everyone is sitting around the campfire a couple of sounds will come from the bushes around you. You will have to shoot at the bushes and choose the Insinsent option.

You will have to shoot a second time too. This will result in the death of Jacob(you can actually see him moving in the back while aiming).

While still in the same chapter, you can take care of Emma when she enters the tree house. Simply choose the Open Trapdoor option and the monster will jump on her. This will result in her death.

In Chapter 5 you will get to the sequence where everyone panics because the monster is nearby. Choose the Hide option and hold your breath without failing. This will make Abi leave the bear behind.

In Chapter 6 now, where all that thing is going on with Abi and Nick, you’ll get to the point where Abi will point her gun at him. Simply choose not to shoot him and this will result in her death.

In Chapter 7 you’ll have a big part of the chapter where you can free roam as Laura. When you get upstairs there will be a syringe that you can pick up. Do not pick it up and go back to your cell to sleep.

Then when Laura is acting to be sick and wounded, you can trick Travis and take his gun from him. You will need to successfully complete all the QTE to be able to do this. In the end, choose the Demanding option and finally choose Shoot Travis.

In Chapter 8 you will play as Ryan and Laura and enter a huge red room with lots of cages inside. Laura will be aiming her gun and thinking about whether to shoot or not. Let her shoot and don’t stop her. This is how Nick dies.

In Chapter 9 you’ll get a big sequence in the Scrapyard. Here you’ll play as Dylan and control and operate a crane. Select the Sound Horn option and fail all the QTE while the monster is coming for you. This will get Dylan killed.

During still in Chapter 9, you’ll crash and fall down through the floor with Laura and Ryan. Here you will have a shotgun in your hand and need to shoot at the monster. This will result in getting him killed.

Then after this, Laura will get killed by Travis because of what she did to him before(shot him). Travis will start going after you too then. Fail all the QTE and choose Aggressive and this is how Ryan dies as well.

At the start of Chapter 10, you’ll play as Max. Simply choose the Swim to Shore option and he’ll get killed when he gets next to the pier.

Now while in the same chapter, you’ll get to the part where the monster is around Kaitlyn. You will have to hold your breath successfully and then pick Freezer.

Then when the monster(Caleb) is coming next to you, choose Use Decoy to get him inside. Now you will have to mash the X and A buttons to get him to stay locked inside.

Then at the end simply talk to Eliza and you’ll have unlocked this Trophy. Congratulations!

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