FFXIV: Patch 6.35 Simple Guide

Splendorous tools and ardent artisans!

When you take a break for a while to handle real-world concerns, you tend to miss out on the most recent content your favorite MMORPG has to offer, and in Final Fantasy XIV these could be anything. From farming mobs, keeping in touch with meta builds, or even known issues that have already been addressed that you used to keep tabs on.

So stick around and read through the simple guide we have for patch 6.35 and keep yourself in the loop. That way you can hit the ground running once you’re back in the game!

Simple Guide for Patch 6.35 – Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 6.35 adds a new deep dungeon, Eureka Orthos along with the new splendorous tool quest series.

You also have the Loporrit Tribal Quests and more antics from Inspector Hildibrand’s questline that you can do in order to get either emotes, titles, glamour items, and the Manderville Weapons.

Below you’ll find more information in regards to where to find the quests and what to do beforehand to get started.

Loporrit Tribal Quests

What you’ll need in order to begin “Must Be Dreaming” is level 80 for Disciple of the Hand and completing the quest “Dream a Little Dream.

You’ll have access to this quest chain once you start with “Name That Way.” The quest can be found at Old Sharlayan (X:11.7 Y:10.9)

Splendorous Tools

For “An Original Improvement” you’ll need Disciple of the Hand or a land level of 90 and have also completed the main scenario quest “Endwalker” along with “The Crystalline Mean.”

The quest will be located here: Crystarium (X:21.8 Y:8.1)

Eureka Orthos

The quest you’ll be looking for in order to gain access to Eureka Orthos is “Delve into Myth.” 

You need to be a Disciple of War or have a magic level of 81 to enter the facility and have already cleared the 50th floor of the Palace of the Dead.

Here is the location: Mor Dhona (X:21.8 Y:8.1)

Hildibrand Adventures

Continue Inspector Hildibrand’s Adventures through ”The Spectacle of Inspection.” You can begin the quest once you finish “The Imperfect Gentleman” and if you’re a Disciple of War or have a magic level of 90.

The location can be found here: Radz-at-Han (X:11.9 Y:11.1)

That’s most of what you need to know for patch 6.35! Thanks to Erozien_KnightX for keeping it simple, if you would like more information then check out his Reddit post.

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