Blox Fruits: Dragon Fruit Rework Hybrid Form Official Sneak Peek

It would be great if you are able to turn into an actual Dragon!

Blox Fruits: Dragon Fruit Rework January 2024

Blox Fruits has a lot of plans for the year 2024, including the Dragon Fruit Rework. The change was expected to come in 2023, however, it has been delayed to 2024.

In this article, we will discuss the information we already have about the Dragon Fruit Rework. The Hybrid Dragon Form is one of the features that players are really looking forward to, so let’s take a look at that!

Dragon Fruit Rework Hybrid Form Official Sneak Peek

For now, the Dragon Fruit Rework has not been released yet. There are many theories that expect the Trailer Release Date to be on Jan 16th. However, it is actually to be released on another different day.

There are many theories on the release date of the Dragon Fruit Trailer or the Fruit itself.

  • The first theory is that we will get it on February 2nd. This is the date of the Lunar New Year when we celebrate the Year of The Dragon.
  • If that doesn’t happen then the Dragon Fruit is expected to come out on Valentine’s Day.

If you look at the currently available leaks, you can see that the Dragon Fruit has a huge fire AoE ability. This makes the Fruit extremely fun to use and great for damage.

Blox Fruits: Dragon Fruit Rework Hybrid Form Official Sneak Peek

When you zoom in, it seems like there is a tail in the character model. This supports the theory that we may be getting a Dragon Hybrid Form when you are using the Dragon Fruit.

Blox Fruits Character Model

It can even be possible for us to turn into actual Dragons, instead of just a Hybrid form. In the image below, you can see a fanmade version of the Dragon model.

Blox Fruits Dragon Form Fanmade

There is little information on the Dragon Fruit and whether it will have a Hybrid or Dragon Form. For now, it is best to follow the social media pages of the game and wait for future announcements from the developers.

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