Blox Fruits: How To Find Mirage Island Solo & Easily in Update 21

When you don’t have a crew with you.

Blox Fruits Solo Mirage Island Spawn Update 21

Mirage Island is a random Sea Event in Blox Fruits which can be spawned solo or in a group. The rare event is important for the Race Awakening process and to find the Advanced Fruit Dealer. But more often than not, players end up searching for 15 minutes for nothing.

Finding the Mirage Island solo since Update 17 has been a struggle because you don’t always have a crew. But with the method we’re going to show, finding the island solo maybe easier

Solo Spawn Mirage Island Method (Update 21)

First, we’re going to talk about the rules if you haven’t already known about them. Scroll on for the method for solo search on the island if you do.

  • Mirage Island only spawns in the Third Sea on all Danger Level from 1-6.
  • Mirage Island spawn rate increases between Danger Level 4-6.
  • Mirage Island despawn after 15 minutes, and//or the player who spawns the island leaves the game and/or, nobody enters the Mirage Island for 5 seconds.
  • Mirage Island has a slightly higher chance of spawning the more ships in a group.

Now, for the solo method, the final point doesn’t work for you. But here’s how you can solo spawn the Mirage Island:

  • Sail through the Third Sea on Danger Level 4. Rate doesn’t go higher on Danger Level 6, and you can avoid devastating damages from Sea Events.
  • Instead of sailing straight, try to turn left and right, so you don’t leave your Danger Level too fast. There have been players finding the island spawning on screen just by circling in one spot.
Mirage Island Blox Fruits
  • If you have Portal Fruit, use Dimensional Rift (V) to avoid Sea Events. When you spawn back, you’ll be on your ship again and nearly no damage would be done if you portal out fast enough.
  • It CAN spawn on rocks as long as it’s not colliding with other islands.

And those are all the tips to help you spawn the Mirage Island solo in Blox Fruits for Update 21! Good luck!

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